1983 Jeep J-20 "the bear"

by Denver
(Clarksville, IN, USA)

This is my '83 Jeep J-20 I call "the bear".

It is currently undergoing some body work and getting ready for paint. My father gave me this truck when I was around 22 years old.

This thing has been nothing but a joy to drive. It is by far my favorite vehicle I have ever owned. I've had this thing in places that some people can barely hike.

I absolutely love this truck and I wish that the Jeep corporation would get their stuff together and stop producing little baby Jeeps and bring back the bad boys of yesteryear.

Larry's Comment: Hey Denver...I hope that Jeep doesn't get rid of the "baby Jeeps", which I assume would be the Wranglers.

However, I am with you all the way that Jeep should bring back the "bad boys of yesteryear"...or at least another solid pickup.

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by: denver

I totally agree to not get rid of the Wranglers and such, but I think this S.U.V. craze that Jeep is going through needs to pass.

I know I'm not that old but you never seen Jeeps at used car lots for sale...now they are all over the place.

I liked it a lot better when it was a Jeep owner's little secret on what they really had.

The J-20's
by: dadley

Like your truck and like the old mags. I have a 1977 J-20 that is showroom new with 401/auto and cold air. I found a J-10 Sportside on e-bay. It shipped today from Oregon.

Good luck with yours,and if you want to ever sell the wheels E-mail me at dadleys@gmail.com

Update on "the Bear"
by: denver

I have a quick update. Recently my dad and I have done some drivetrain mods to the J-20. Some of the mods are: Edelbrock performer plus cam, lifters, 4 inch aluminum high rise intake, and an Edelbrock performer plus 650 jetted carb.

We got long tube headers from a friend of mines CJ-7, and after a little persuading we got them to fit very snugly next to the motor. We added 4.10 Suregrip gears out of an old military p/u. The paint still hasn't been done, but the body work is at around 90% finished now.

I'll try and post a few more or a little better quality pics once I get the primer on, then I'll add more when I get the paint on. Bright cobalt blue metallic is what the paint scheme is going to be.

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