'94 Korando Beauty like out of the Thirties

by Peter

Hi Larry,
I was stunned recognizing my own car on your web site. I´m pretty sure it is the gray/green "1994 K9", because of the rhino on top of the hood!

I've owned this beauty which comes from Hungary for a year now, here in Germany, improving its mechanical parts and looks. However, I've not been able to drive it on the roads which is a shame. I will tell you why.

Actually, it is for sale (which I regret) due to the fact that Ssangyong Germany cannot, or is not bothering to provide a data sheet of the 72hp diesel engine. By the way it is not a Mercedes (licensed) engine like I was told when I bought it a year ago, and could not be identified by the mechanics in my Mercedes garage.

Very strict law in Germany asks for exhaust data of the engine in order to get it registered. Now I could get that data sheet made up new, but that would require a very expensive check up session at the authorities.

I would love to keep this car and was hoping that maybe one of your readers (from Germany?) might be able to help with that said data sheet. All the tech specs are in the advertisement.

The car is a real beauty. Jeep should have built this long version themselves. To me it looks like it is an old-timer straight out of the thirties.

Thanks Larry, and keep up the good work on your website!

Larry's Comment: Peter...It certainly appears to be the same Ssangyong Korando K9 in the photos sent by John in my "What's a Korando Jeep" page.

John stated that he had seen this Jeep for sale in Germany (at least a year or two ago). It would appear that you were the purchaser around that time.

If so, it is a small world indeed.

Comments for '94 Korando Beauty like out of the Thirties

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by: Jürgen

Ich habe auch einen Korando k9 .
Wie bekomme ich Kontakt zu dem Korando Besitzer?

Looking for a K9
by: Timothy

I also live in Germany by way of Canada. I am looking to buy a K9 as long as it can be registered here. Would love to know the exact motors that were installed as there is a '90 K9 for sale, but no paperwork available.

Send comments from Korea again, Please !
by: Timothy POWER

Good Day from Bavaria! I briefly read the last comments reference the K9 engine type, sent in from Korea. Unfortunately, they are no longer available or I cannot find them. The comments on engine type are exactly what I was looking for and would be a great help if they could be sent again. Thanks / Merci

Help for K4
by: Heinz

There is a lot of info you can get for the K4
in Spain. I find out a lot of similar pieces from the C223 motor Izusu.

Selling a Ssangyong Korando K9
by: Rashama T

I am in Zimbabwe and have got this Korando K9. The engine (Isuzu C223) needs reworking as it is in pieces and in Zimbabwe. It is costly to repair. Anyone interested +263773818101 or rttaurash@gmail.com for more details and pictures.

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