Dad and I and My '97 Jeep TJ

by Sam Kane
(Kentville Nova Scotia, Canada)

My dad and I are building a 1997 TJ Jeep Wrangler Sahara.

It started out as a regular stock height Jeep. But my dad put an 11' lift and 35' tires and got some custom fenders and steps on her, and now she looks like this. We're still working on her.

And yes I am a 14 year old girl and this Jeep is my baby.

Larry's Comment: Nice looking '97 TJ there, Sam. Your mom's Jeep looks great also...if just a little dwarfed by yours.

Keep us up-to-date as you and your dad proceed with your Jeep build.

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Follow up...
by: Sam Kane

Our next step is we are rino lining the tub, then we are cutting off the rear fenders and building flares like the front. The new front bumper is going to be a lot cooler. This is our project. This is our baby.

'97 Jeep TJ
by: KristinK

Nice TJ Sam! Looks a heck of a lot better than Mom's, lol! I wish my Dad were into Jeeps when I was young! By the time you're ready to drive you'll have the best-looking rig around!

I am a girl also, well "way old" girl to you and I just got my 1st modded Jeep last year! The previous 2 Jeeps I've owned remained bone-stock!
If you're interested mine is under the JEEP GIRLS section under "My 1st Jeep with all the Goodies". It is an '85 CJ-7 rock-crawler. The pics are how I bought it. It is under-going some freshening-up, pulled the rug, rino-lined the interior, new grey paint, new BestTop soft-top...

The biggest thing I want to change is the fenders! I really want a pair of flat-fenders and figured I'd have to pay the bucks from Gen-Right, but I love the look of yours! Did your Dad make them or did you guys get a shop to fab them for you? Curious because if it's cheaper to get a shop to build me a set I'd rather go that way! Then I could get the coverage I need!

Have fun with your awesome ride and give your Dad a hug for helping his "little girl" build such a nice ride!

by: Sam Kane

No my dad got one of his buddys to build it for me. It was pretty thanks, I love my baby :)

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