I Luv my '04 Grand Cherokee Overland 4.7L. all time 4WD Quadradrive

My 2004 GC Overland

My 2004 GC Overland

Not sure if only the lemon Grand Cherokee Overland owners submit conclusive data and details.

However, after this winter in snow filled New Hampshire, I will not consider another 4WD, AWD, or any other wheel drive vehicle to keep my family safe.

Nothing around here will compare to our vehicle. It's been my job to get my wife to her work place, and she was the only person at her job who could get there.

Early mornings and it has been over a foot (12") of snow, which required fording through at times.

I've worked in quite a few dealerships and have driven many other competitors, but none compare to my Grand Cherokee, not even the Hummer H2.

I've tested it for myself...and so should you!

Larry's Comment: There have been a lot of comments about the 2004 Grand Cherokee Overland...and sad to say many of of them have been negative.

However, there are also those who have nothing but praise for this model and year "Grand".

The debate goes on, but it appears that the 2004 Grand Cherokee Overland had an unusual share of design flaws and poor quality control.

You can see more comments at: 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Piece Of Junk

Comments for I Luv my '04 Grand Cherokee Overland 4.7L. all time 4WD Quadradrive

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to Larry
by: Not Anonymous

I agree with the fact that many negative comments have been made on these particular models.

For one: No news is good news, we may just be hearing from the "irate lemon buyers".

I personally may be able to agree with the potential poor quality control (during manufacturing), yet JEEP is working on those issues in the newest models.

To add design flaws? We all can easily complain if the glue on our weatherstripping wears out and the door rubber comes down a little (try new glue).

Engine failures, engine seizures, dropping transmissions, spontaneous fires, sticking gas and break pedals. I've experienced all of these things one time or another on my vehicles, or a friends. Not once in my PowerTech V8 4.7 H.O. JEEP Grand Cherokee Overland.

Larry's Reply: I don't know why this particular model and year GC has gotten so much response...both positive and negative...but it has.

We may never know the specific reasons why things fall apart or quit working sooner than later...but some models just have a higher incidence than others do.

I have owned vehicles that the "experts" said were the most horrible excuses ever engineered, yet I never had any of those problems with mine.

Two key factors that may often explain why a vehicle (or its parts) may have a shorter life than one of the same year and model is...maintenance and how it was driven.

Another factor is owner expectations. Someone buying a top-of-the-line Grand Cherokee may expect more "quality" workmanship and materials than in something like a base model Compass.

I believe the Grand Cherokee has represented Jeep well over the years...and as you implied...things can go wrong with any vehicle.

Grand Chk. Overland '04
by: Bo Faver

I bought my Overland new in '04 and it has been a great Jeep. I now have 104,800 miles on it and it just keeps on running great. Love my Jeep. I have owned 8 Jeeps over the years.

Bo Faver

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