I want to re-power a 1955 willys

by Jim
(San Antonio, Tx, USA)

Jeep Liberty Diesel Engine

Jeep Liberty Diesel Engine

I have a 1955 Willys Jeep. I bought the Jeep used and no sooner did I change the oil than it start knocking.

Well shame on me. I bought it now I own it. So I overhauled the motor and found the #3 rod bearing burned out. I had the block reconditioned and all the rods checked, bought new pistons and ground the crank, did a valve job on both the block and the head, installed new valve guides and stellite seats so it would run on no lead.

Guess what? good old number three started knocking again after about 2 hours of operation. So I went back in and searched around and decided that the number three rod was no good.

I bought a new one and a new bearing, checked the tolerances and reinstalled the motor. Guess what? #3 still knocks. We have been using it that way for some time now and it is ok around the farm, but is useless for anything else.

I recently bought a Mahindra Tractor and it is a real gem. I'm impressed. What I want to know is there a way to re-power my 55 with a new Mahindra diesel motor and keep my same drive train?

I think that would be so cool to have a 1955 Diesel Willys CJ5.

Larry's Comment: This swap could probably be done with some modifications...but the Mahindra engines (including the diesels) do not meet EPA standards for road use in the USA at this time.

Farm equipment is evidently exempt.

You might try to find a small EPA approved automotive diesel like the ones found in some '04 thru '06 Jeep Libertys (CRD). They were approved for those years only and then discontinued due to more crazy EPA regulations.

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still viable
by: Jim

That is kind of interesting about approval, but there is always a twist.

In the United States you may retrofit any pre 1983 vehicle with any motor. Additionally there are no emissions test on a '55 Willys. The big problem is finding a good power plant. My thinking is maybe I could buy a Mahindra diesel to bolt to my T90 transmission.

Mahindra sells diesel motors for many applications, plus my jeep is an off road application, or at least right now it is.

Larry's Comment: Sounds like it might be worth a try Jim. I don't know of any engine to transmission adapters for your idea, but it would be cool to see what you come up with.

Please keep us informed...and send photos if you can.

Kubota Diesel Willys
by: Anonymous

Check out www.overlanddiesel.com They build an adapter kit to install Kubota Diesels to the T90.

Check out:

I just got a '55 Willys myself
by: Jim

I just bought a '55 Willys pickup and it has a 250 Chevy 6 cylinder, but I am thinking of putting in the motor out of my Datsun 280-Z. The car is about shot but the motor is a replacement motor from Japan and still runs great. That little car was fast and it got really good MPG. Right now I have the adapter for the Chevy motor to hook up the T90 transmission. I am just wondering if, or how much trouble it is going to be to adapt that Datsun motor? Oh well, I am going to try it out. The car is not here right now so I can't check it out to see right now. I have to go up to our farm and bring it down here.

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