The Famous Jeep Wave: Who Qualifies?

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Is it me or does the Jeep Wave seem to have some secret club requirements that even other Jeep model owners don't quite measure up to?

I've been out in my rapidly becoming vintage Comanche MJ pickup, which I would qualify as a member in good standing within the Jeep brotherhood/sisterhood, however I have yet to get a wave from any Wrangler or CJ guy or gal on the road.

They wave to each other. So am I invisible? Do I need to put a big sign on my truck saying..."Don't ignore me just because I ain't a Wrangler". And yes, I have tried initiating the "Jeep Wave" myself and all I get from the Wrangler and CJ guys is a "do I know you?" or "don't bother me" look. (And don't even get me started on the newer Wrangler JK owners who often tend to wave at no one...ever.)

Maybe if I jacked up the Comanche say 15 inches, and put 42 inch mud slinger tires under it...painted it "Herculiner" black and and put an exoskeleton cage around it...I might get noticed...huh?

If my old Jeep doesn't get recognized by the elite members of the club, can you image what the folks driving the Cherokees, Liberty's, Commanders and Patriots must feel? Or maybe they don't really care one way or the other. Who knows?

Just take a look at some of the Jeep forums. Questions often posed by non-Wrangler/CJ Jeep owners are often responded to with an attitude that seems to say "why don't you get a real Jeep...and come back then?" (That's right...I can pick up an attitude from someone's writing...ha!)

I guess I should mention an even more elite group of Jeep owners like the really early CJ2A, CJ3A and CJ3B folks, as well as the super elite Military MB and GPW owners. Hey...those guys don't even mess much with the Wrangler and CJ (later models) crowd.

Jeep Wave 1943 Ford GPW They don't need no stinking "Jeep Wave"! These folks just KNOW their rigs are special. All heads turn when they pass by...and the drivers just look straight ahead and whizz by at a whopping 40 mph (floor-boarded).

Okay...enough of the sour grapes. No one likes being left out, but I guess there is a place for all of us in the Jeep community. Heck, that is what this website is all about...being inclusive for ALL Jeep people...all over the world. (shameless plug)

I am now a Wrangler YJ owner as well as still having my '87 Comanche...and I assure you I will be willing to do the "Jeep Wave" to all manner of Jeeps passing by on the roads...because that's the kind of guy I am...(now I'm starting to make myself sick).

I might even wave at empty Jeeps parked on the side of the road. Why, I could put a cardboard hand in my windshield and have a "permanent" wave thing going on. (Losing it now!)

So all you Wrangler and CJ people lift up your voices and take note: (singing) We are family...I got all my (Jeep friends) with

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