5 Things Jeep Wrangler Owners
Should Never Do

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Jeep Wrangler owners are usually a creative bunch when it comes to building up or customizing their Jeeps.

However, sometimes there are a few rogue Wrangler reprobates who take strange liberties, and do some unspeakable things...that is unspoken until now...with their rides.

So once again I have come up with my 5 top things no self-respecting Wrangler owner should do to his or her Jeep.

Number (5): Never ever put "spinner" hubcaps or "spinner" wheels anywhere near your Wranglers...much less on them.

Number (4): Never put "low rider" hydraulics or miniature wheels and tires on your Wrangler...even as a joke....and if you do this anyway don't let your friends talk you into going rock crawling.

Number (3): Never challenge anything to a drag race with the word "hemi" attached to it...unless maybe you've done a hemi transplant yourself.

Number (2): Never put the convertible soft top OVER the hard top...for any reason...even if you can make it fit...

Number (1): Never use one of those chromed skulls for a gear shift knob...or the little chromed piston...or, put in shag carpeting (especially not on the dash).

Okay, so I hear you saying "hey, it's my Wrangler and I'll do what I want to with it", and all I can say to that is...go ahead..knock yourself out!

Now maybe you have some ideas about what Jeep Wrangler owners should never do. Then send in your appropriate, original, clean and most of all funny suggestions by filling in the form below. I will include the best ones sent and you will be given the credit. What a deal!

Reader's Wrangler No-No's!

Chris suggests:

Never try to "drift" in a Wrangler

Never attach fake testicles under the trailer hitch. Especially blue ones.

Eric says:

Death Wobble you say? I'll worry about it when I get out of this body cast. It'll be fun rebuilding the entire Jeep!

Rich says:

Never see the back of a Hummer, Rover, Toy, Niss or any other pretender.

Never back down from an obstacle.

Camille opines:

A Jeep Wrangler owner should never be caught in a Prius- especially on the driver's side!

The last time someone accidentally hit my Jeep while opening their car door, I asked if their car was alright!

Brandon suggests:

Never paint your Jeep anything that you are not willing to let nature add pin stripes!

Randy says:

(1) You know you love your Jeep when you have more Pictures of your Jeep than you do of your Children on your Phone...(Guilty)

(2) You remember the Day you Bought your Jeep, but forgot your Wife's Birthday.

(3) You'll loan your Wife's Car to a Friend,but never your Jeep..

(4) You'll take your Wife's Car to a Car Wash, but always Wash your Jeep yourself by Hand

Tom poses:

I drive a Wrangler. I am American. I remember Pearl Harbor, and no way in heck will you see me wheeling in a Jap Crap wannabe "Toy" or a Chinese owned Range Rover. If my Rubicon can't get there I don't need to be there. Spoken by a 74 year old proud American "red neck".

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