Korando K9

by Steinar Lyberg
(Risor, Norway)

Hi. I read your article about Korando K9 that was found in Germany by John. Well, I do have all the information in the world about this. And this can be added to the story from Thomas .

My story goes for the 1988 to 1994 models. I also have the rest of the parts for this model in Norway, and probably in Europe. It has a 2.23ccm Isuzu diesel engine by Isuzu; C223 and i1994 by Daewoo; D23 (Not licensed by Mercedes. That one came later as C23, also used in Peugeot and Mercedes)

No parts from Jeep matches, but the grille, the wheel tunnel and the main frame. The body has approx. 2" higher panels. It has a Dana 44 rear axle (Original with Dana Spicer ring-set and Timken bearings) with 11" drum brakes (the same as Scout and some few Jeeps), but this is with 5.5" x 6 bolt pattern - which some rare Jeep-models had. The pinion and ring set is 4.89 to 1 rear and 4.88 to 1 in front. This is made by Dana/Spicer and is the same as narrow track used by Jeep CJ.

In front is fitted a Dana 30 with disk brakes - a rare build with parts that fit Isuzu Pick Up. The axle shaft is Z27 and can fit many CJ models. Rear is a full float axle Z33 Ø30mm, the very same as CJ and many more American cars.

The CJ5 (among others) in Korea was built by Sijing Jeep Motor Co and AMC (American Motors Company)(owned 50/50) Sijing Motor was a cooperative by Hundai motor Co, Kia Industry, GMK and Asia Motors Co, First called Gehowa. Korando wasn't given name before Dong Ha (earlier Dong-Hwan Automobiles) started putting stickers on the cars in 1983, when they took over the marked-name from Geohwa. The car was sold in Europe a short period of time in '88 and '89. And then they tried again with a new model in 1994, but had to do redo because of some objection caused by the similarity of the JEEP CJ.

In Norway (where I live) there are approx. 40 registered legal cars in use. The K9 only has approx. 5 of these, while the rest is 50/50 of each type. I believe there are only 6 cars from 1994 models in Norway. The K9 has 9 seat capacity (bus style) and the K5 has closed car 4 or 5 seating, and the K4 has open car (canvas) 4 seating capacity.

All in all the Korando is a great build car with thick panels and strong frame. It is lazy with the diesel engine, but gives an outstanding performance in the terrain and has a transmission and transfer case that live forever.

I sold my CJ5 when my K4 was bought, and there has never been any regret.

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Thanks, up to date partslist.
by: Heinz

I think the same motor is in the Chevy Luv (S10) but these have belt and mine has gears for timing?

I have a lot of difficulty to buy spare parts due to the fact no support from new Sang-young importer. I even bought parts books from Korea, but the numbers in it don't match these in Belgium because at some stage they have changed it too new ones.

Has anybody an up to date parts list?

Also I need just a little more power 10 to 15 hp ...blower from Mini or VW?...or C223turbo?


Parts Korando
by: Steinar

I do have some parts left and I also have all the part numbers. But the part numbers are for no use - because they are not in use in the market. And as mentioned - the parts that fit with the numbers are in use for parts that fit in newer cars. This is a toggle of war, and need a lot of time and effort to handle.

If you need more power you must/can replace the engine with a 223T that fits right in- and can be harvested from any Isuzu with this engine. Do not try to put turbo on the 223 suction engine. This is not built for more power or revolutions due to compression, fuel delivery, exhaust- and inlet dimensions. Almost everything is different, including the pump, nozzles, manifold - in and out, timing belt, crank bearing and so on.

Korando K5
by: Carlos

Is there another engine besides the c223t that adds more power?

Enh8ne inquiry
by: Roniel

I got my Korando k-4...By the way thanks for your inputs. Is the dc23 engine comes with timing belt or gear? Thanks

Gear or timing belt
by: Anonymous

C223 has timing gear and 2.3td has timing belt.

Owners Manual Inquiry
by: Anonymous

Good day everyone. Who among you have an owners manual for korando first generation?...Is it available in pdf.. Thanks

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