My 1963 Jeep Fleetvan

by (no name given)

Happy Yellow Jeep Fleetvan

Happy Yellow Jeep Fleetvan

This Jeep was found on a side street in sad shape, but I had a vision, and brought it back to life.

The original engine and transmission wore out, and so it got a 1973 Ford 2L transplant with an automatic trans. It even got a brake booster for power brakes.

It used to be my daily driver for about ten years, but I finally got a 1971 Dodge, and use the Jeep for special occasions.

Larry's Comment: Wow! This is the first Jeep Fleetvan photo and story anyone has ever sent to this website...and your yellow box is a beauty.

We've had the small Postal Jeeps and Forward Control Jeeps, but no FJ (Fleetvan Jeeps).

Thanks, and please send more details (and photos) of this cool Jeep van.

Comments for My 1963 Jeep Fleetvan

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Voilà quelque chose!
by: Alain

Là, c'est vraiment fort!

It is the first - and probably last - time that I see such a machine.

For "fast" driving it is probably worse than a Jeep, but to bring food and liquor to a friends party, it must be the best.



So Cool
by: Bigdaddyrabbit

Very cool! I'm impressed with its condition for its age. It was borne the same as job!

Love it!
by: Jan

Must be great to drive something virtually no one else has ever seen before. Loads of fun!

Gobsmacked! It's the dog's, no question.
by: mike

It's all in my title. Thanks. You're a hero mate.

by: mike

Fab,is it on a CJ chassis? You're a hero, mate. Let's hope you get more "visions". Good luck.

by: Poppa daddy

If there's ever a time you want to part from it, let me know.


by: Kodiak

I have one. It sat in a cow pasture 35yrs. I took it home on a trailer. Even after 35yrs the Hurricane 134 came to life. The trans works in fwd and reverse. It still needs a lot of work. Anybody know where to get parts?


You would not recognize her now
by: Mr VWPorscheMoparMitsubishi

To see what she is looking like now go to:

She is now cream and pink with a serving window. She was pretty rusty from Oregon. Pinto 4-cylinder with C4 automatic.

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