My 1974 Jeep J20 Pickup

by Johnny
(Bear Creek, NC )

1974 Jeep J20

1974 Jeep J20

1974 Jeep J20 Pickup

Dana 44 front end
Dana 60 on the rear end

360 V8
high rise Edelbrock intake

Dana 20 transfer case
Borg-Warner T-15 transmission

This truck tow's my boat, takes me hunting and to work everyday. It's a daily driver..

Gas mileage is killing me.

Larry's Comment: I love those old full-sized Jeep trucks Johnny. They come from an era when pickups had character and real style. Thanks for sharing!

Comments for My 1974 Jeep J20 Pickup

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Too Cool
by: Anonymous

Old Iron Rules!

Scott Hyers

by: Anonymous

There's not many of those around any more.

Holy Man-Truck!
by: Anonymous

Simply A Beauty.
You got something nice there....

by: BFT

Long live the days when trucks didn't need curves to be cool!!!!

by: Lynda

My boys LOVE this Jeep!! They talk about how you took them 4 wheeling in it all the time.


Rock on
by: Alicia

I have one of these beasts too!!! It's not my daily driver, but I'm hoping one day to restore it to it's full glory!!!! I live on a 7 mi. dirt road and the only vehicle built tough enough to drive it every day is a JEEP!!!
Thanks for sharing the picture.

What a beauty!
by: Anonymous

Haven't seen one of them in a mighty long time.
Few and far between.

Hold on to that one. Be good to her and she will be good to you.

Nothing better in this world. And a daily driver to. Kudos to you! What a beaut........

by: Anonymous

Cant find very much info on these. My son is looking at one for his first time rig. In fact he is looking at two. One is a J20 with a 360 turbo 400 and quadratrac 4x4. The other we dont know much about except its a J10 and a 1974. Both rigs are under 1000. Do you have an idea of where we can find the most info about these online?

Larry's Comment: Try this Forum:

Glad to see someone else has one...
by: Anonymous

Have you ever had to replace the ignition lock cylinder? I'm attempting to do mine, and it's nigh impossible.

Yep I have one
by: Jess

Mine is also a '74 J20 with the 401...LOVE IT!

Jeep truck built tough

I have a 1974 Jeep J10 and it needs work. It has an automatic and my dad gave it to me. I am trying to find parts or another truck to buy so I can rebuild this one.

For Sale

I have a 74 J20. It too is a daily driver. Everything works, even the tag light. I am leaving to move to Alabama in a few weeks so I am passing it along. I am selling the beast for $2000.00 so if anyone is interested please email me. The truck deserves a good owner. 9/26/2011

Love the Jeeps
by: Bill Jarrett

I love your truck a lot. I have a '73 J4000 with a 360ci, auto. It has a steel flat bed on it and it will haul a load like it's nothing out of the woods.

Jeep J20
by: Danny R Byerly

Is it for sale? Please contact me in the future if it goes for sale, thanks.

by: denim

Sexy as Hell

Bear bones truck
by: Tom Hadden

I live in Kentucky and just purchased a '74 J-10, 6cyl, 4-speed, short bed pickup. It is in remarkable shape.

I drove to Lincoln, Arkansas to pick it up. The rental tow truck and fuel equaled to 30% of the purchase price. I traded a Shop Smith for one like it in the 80's.

My 2 boys learned to drive on that '74 Jeep pickup, and their first deer shot came home in it. My oldest son was born in 1974 and I hope to give this to him. I regret my second son did not live long enough to see this truck.

I made a new friend in the past owner and even more shared the Lord with him. Memories are made in what we do and winter camping would never have happened if not for a Jeep.

This is my 5th Jeep. The 3rd J-10, 74,82,74, one '80 Cherokee 4dr, quadratic, one '94 Cherokee I gave my daughter. There was nothing fancy about an older Jeep, they are bear bones tough, and would climb a tree just for the fruit.

I just thank God for one more piece of history.

1974 J20 for sale
by: Chad D

I bought a 1974 J20 (401) a couple of years ago with the hope of fixing up for my son, but Covid happened and now looking to get it to a better home! email if anyone is interested

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