My Two Rare Jeep Trucks in South Africa

by Dirk
(South Africa)

My FC170 original and running

My FC170 original and running

Hi Guys,

I am from South Africa, and I think I do own 2 of the rarest Jeeps around.

One is a Jeep FC 170 (Forward Control) still running and as far as I know it is the only one in South Africa that is still in original condition. I'm not sure if I want to keep it original or, like we say here, enhance it a bit.

I also just got my hand on an original Jeep CJ8 Scrambler still in its original colours. Even the air conditioner is still working.

Both of these Jeeps are left hand drives, and I guess they were direct imports as none of them were freely available here.

Would like to know how many are still alive and in original shape? have 2 very nice Jeeps there.

I don't know how many of these fine Jeeps (especially the FC150 and FC170) are still out there alive and running.

I do know that the CJ8 Scrambler is a high demand vehicle for collectors and builders alike..and the prices I've seen reflect this supply and demand theory as the Scrambler (in good to excellent original condition) can fetch a significant chunk of change.

The Forward Control Jeeps are really becoming quite rare, especially in original and complete condition. Body parts and replacement glass are very difficult to find, especially due to the Jeep's unique shape and style.

Please keep us informed of any upgrade, rebuilds or additions to your rare Jeeps. Thanks.

Comments for My Two Rare Jeep Trucks in South Africa

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Forward Control Jeep
by: Shatto

When I lived in Ethiopia we considered buying a Jeep FC-170 but chose the Forward Control Land Rover because in the 1960's finding parts for new Jeeps was hard. Especially in the bush.

There are a world of things that could be done to improve either Forward Control Jeep...but then they wouldn't be Jeeps, would they?

Since you have a stock one and they are rare, for goodness sake restore it, and do it properly, because it is a classic and will be worth more to you in the long-run than 'just another' modified 4X4.

Made up my mind
by: Dirk

Hi Guys,
You guys helped me to make up my mind! I will keep them original, but must admit that brown colour on the CJ8 Scrambler is just horrible .

Will I do so much damage if I change the colour but still keep it original? Also, is there anybody that can help me with a link where I can find a windscreen for the FC 170?

Windscreens and FC's
by: Hiki

Have a look here:

The FC Connection

for any FC windshields.

Jeep cylinder heads
by: happy

Hi guys. I'm also from South Africa and struggling to get two cylinder heads for a Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is a 5.2L V8 direct import from USA. Please help out.

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