Pacific War Remembered: Heroes Honored!

Pacific War Museum!

The Pacific War theater was fought by many brave men and women from a generation the likes of which we may never see again.

My father was one of those who fought the war in the Pacific against the Japanese. He was a proud Marine who was aboard the USS Bunker Hill aircraft carrier, which took two direct hits from Japanese Mitsubishi Zeros. Although shaken by the blasts and the loss of over 400 men on board, he helped the injured to safety and manned a deck gun as the suicidal Japanese pilots buzzed the skies above.

I was recently privileged to tour the National Museum of the Pacific War located in Fredericksburg, Texas which is about an hour North of San Antonio, Texas.

The main museum sits on the better part of an entire city block, and as a whole is comprised of 3 distinct museums, all of which are included in one low ticket price.

The various sites of interest on the museum property include:

  • George H.W. Bush Gallery
  • Bush Gallery Museum Store
  • Plaza of the Presidents
  • Memorial Courtyard
  • Japanese Garden of Peace
  • Samuel B. Roberts Pavilion
  • Nimitz Hotel Bath House
  • Admiral Chester Nimitz Bookstore
  • Admiral Chester Nimitz Museum
  • Pacific Combat Zone, and
  • Visitor Center

The largest and most impressive portion of the museum was the George H.W. Bush Gallery which chronologically and almost literally walks you through the various campaigns of the war in the Pacific...from the pre-Pearl Harbor attack through the post signing of the Japanese surrender.

The brochure states that this "museum is the only institution in the continental United States dedicated exclusively to telling the story of Pacific War campaigns".

The photos below do not do justice to the live experience of this great museum...but maybe it will whet your appetite to someday take a tour for yourself.

Pacific War Museum Jeep!

Pacific War Museum Jeep Interior!

Just had to get this period Restored Willys Jeep photo in here (as seen in the Museum)...after all, this is a Jeep Website...You Know!

Pacific War Museum Japanese Tand Remains!

The Original Remains of a Small Japanese WWII Tank
Note: Reader Charles Abdouch says "The "Small Japanese Tank" (here) is a Type 95 Ha-Go which was a light tank used on the Pacific islands. It had a crew of 3.

Pacific War Museum Mock Island Bunker Scene!

Re-enactment Scene of a Japanese Island Bunker/Pill Box Replica

Pacific War Museum Tank!

Pacific War Museum Halftrack! Pacific War Museum Duck Amphibious!

Pacific War Museum PT 309!

Rare Fully Restored WWII PT Boat (309)

Click here for information about the National Museum of the Pacific War

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