Rare Find CJ5A Tuxedo Park Fire Jeep!

by Tim B.
(N.E. Indiana)

While holding a Cub Scout meeting last winter, My wife Thia saw a notice taped up on a wall in our town hall in Roanoke, Indiana.

The notice said that a sealed silent auction would be held to take bids on a 1966 Jeep that the town's volunteer fire dept. was selling.

Having been on the fire department a few years ago, I knew they had a '66 CJ5A Tuxedo Park Mark IV set up as a grass rig, and that it was in beautiful shape, garaged and well maintained.

My wife actually had to talk me into putting in a bid as I know what that model can be worth. The town's notice only said that it was a CJ5, and didn't mention the low miles!

The CJ had only been used in parades the last few years and was mostly all original. I put in a bid, only a third of what it is worth and I was the highest bidder!

When I picked up the registration, I found out the town had bought it new and I was only the second owner!

It has a 134 F-head 4-cylinder (Hurricane) engine, Dana 27 front axle, Dana 44 rear, T90 three speed-on-the-tree, Dana 18 transfer case, and shod in Guilette Super Traction MS-10 tires on Crager chrome mags.

The windshield frame had about four inches added to it, not sure why. Maybe to look right with the CJ5 roll-bar that was added. Even the vacuum wipers still worked fine.

It even still had the oil bath air cleaner and mechanical distributor. The rear frame has had about three inches added to support a water pump for a 150-gallon tank that was removed.

When the old CJ was retired from active duty, the department had aluminum plate installed in the bed and it served as a parade vehicle.

I am extremely lucky and I know it. I plan on it only being a fair weather ride and keep it garaged. Not too many of these left as only about 1190 CJ5A's were made in 1966. I even got the original front seats about a week later as the fire dept cleaned out their storage area.

I will leave it "as is" for the moment. It's a great ride and somewhat rare. Just wish they had left the siren and all the lights on it!

Larry's Comment: A rare find indeed Tim...and a real beauty at that!

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Fire CJ!
by: Eric

I just learned of this site and saw your Fire CJ.

Your Jeep is what I envisioned prior to beginning my CJ5 project. (see my page soon to be published).

I was inspired by a fire engine I worked on my first year as a firefighter in California. It was a 1987 International "S" cab, 4X4, CDF type 3 build-up, rear jump seat, CDF model 5. I wish I could send you a picture of it.

Anyways, nice CJ. I believe my CJ5 is also a Tuxedo Park. I just found a VIN spreadsheet online that identifies the exact make/model etc... I need to do more research on it to confirm.

Go to Eric's Page!

Merry Christmas Tim B.
by: Marc Anthony

Tim, I'd love to buy you CJ. Please call me @ 216-961-5727 Marc
I'm excited and hoping to hear from you.
email is: markanthony@live.com

Tuxedo fire truck
by: Marty Walsh

Tim - if you still have the truck, I have a CJ5 that might be of interest to you. I have a 1975 US Government CJ5, all steel, 52,000 orig. miles and am looking to trade, or sell.

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