What Would You Do?

by Larry

I often read press releases and news article about what Chrysler/Jeep (Fiat) has planned for future Wranglers, Grand Cherokees, and other platforms donning the "Jeep" logo.

Although incorporating new technologies into Jeeps is not always a bad thing, I sometimes wonder if the big automakers really take into consideration the everyday Joe or Jane who would love to have something a little (or a lot) different than what the company presents to the masses.

When searching for a new Jeep or any other new vehicle today the potential customer usually finds various "packages" or, using the telecommunications ads, "bundling" options.

A few years ago I went into a Ford dealership (just for grins) to look at the new Mustangs. There on the showroom floor was a beautiful, fully loaded, convertible, V8, high performance, anniversary special...with a corresponding special (read high) price tag.

Out of curiosity I asked the salesperson if I could get the same Mustang without power door locks, power windows, anti-theft system, super stereo system, custom wheels, automatic transmission, etc.

While he stammered around...I went on to ask him if I could order a basic model the way I wanted from the factory, since they obviously had nothing similar available at the dealership.

He finally said I could get what I wanted, BUT...it would cost more to order a basic simple model than the super loaded package deal he had sitting on the showroom floor.

That's when I realized that if we as customers want a vehicle to be simplified and not "bundled" we end up paying MORE for Less.

I understand that the automakers see more profit in packaging/bundling options, but in my opinion the customer often has to settle on options he/she does not want or need...and still pay a darned high price.

So, after that trip down the rabbit trail I ask you this question:

If you could change anything about new Jeeps to attract more potential customers...What Would You Do?

Larry Morton,

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Comments for What Would You Do?

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What would you do?
by: Anonymous

Why not offer a Jeep as an ATV off road only, along the lines of those Kawasaki and Yamaha four passenger four wheelers only design it like a flat fender updated JC2/3, for off road only?

That way they would save money by not having to meet all those government highway requirements. Just a thought.

Jeeps from the factory
by: Dan Lindblad

I think you should be able to order and buy a new Jeep with no axles or suspension! The rolling chassis is delivered on dollies and then the customer can take it to his/her favorite 4x4 store and have them build the sh*t out of it! :)

A vintage Jeep would be great!
by: Adán Salgado

Hi, Larry,

I think that a vintage new Jeep would be great for us, the lovers of vintage models, just as simple as the first ones.

Nissan just had a similar idea and has decided to relaunch the brand Datsun with a truly vintage model. It will be basic technology and, most important, cheap! And Nissan is planning to sell it mainly in so called developing countries, but I think it would sell everywhere.

So, I think that the same would apply to Jeep. It would be lovely to buy a new vintage Jeep. I would be the first one to buy one! (I have my own page here of my 1965 CJ6 Jeep).


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