Wow! My '61 Willys Dump Bed Pickup Runs

by Greg
(Cuba, NY)

The '61 Willys dump truck the day I bought it

The '61 Willys dump truck the day I bought it

After seeing this Willys '61 truck with a dumpbody sit behind a house for almost 20 years rotting into the ground, the owner passed and there was to be an estate sale.

I always liked the way the truck looked but figured it was gone never having moved in all that time. A neighbor and I had been talking about making a dump wagon and as he was friends of the family he arranged a pre-sale opportunity to look at the dump bed. As we looked it over the son said the hydraulics still worked, as he hooked his wifes car battery up to it. It turned over and the bed would raise.

A quick deal later I was determined to take the bed off and junk the truck. My neighbor said well it turns over so maybe it will run. A gallon of gas and a battery with a shot of both and it was idling, although rough.

The tires were flat and on a whim I put air into them and to our surprise they had tubes and held air. At this point I was so impressed with the Super Hurricane motor I jumped in and drove it the mile or so home dropping the plow to stop, as the brakes were shot.

Now several months later it is undergoing a full restoration and will once again become a pick-up. Hope to have it completed to put in the memorial day parade this year.

I will post pics of finished truck when done!

Larry's Comment: Greg...glad to hear you are restoring this unique piece of history.

Do you plan on keeping the dump bed and the plow on this truck?

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by: Alain

This is a very very "vintage, collector" Jeep, and it is a great idea to make it able to live again.

Take your time, find the good spare parts and make a good job.

Angels walk in where..........
by: Abe

I think it is just great that you watched it settle further into the ground over the years and were able to jump on it at the last moment. There is a somewhat similar one not far from where I live and I think they've moved it further out back within the last year.

But next thing is that all of your friends will caution you that it will cost a great deal more than you planned on spending. Well, they're right. But in the long run you'll be glad you did it and not fret over that old '36 Plymouth that you sold for peanuts many years ago or Uncle's old Buick that he wanted to give you and you refused.

Good luck and I can't wait to see more photos as you go along.

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