Jeep Concept Vehicles: The Future or Flops!

Jeep Concept (Hurricane)!

(The Ultimate Jeep Concept Vehicle...Read and see more on the Jeep Hurricane Concept pictured above!)

What the heck is a "Jeep Concept" and why is it built?

A "concept" anything is merely an idea which may be in someone's mind, placed on paper or produced as a model or prototype.

Auto manufacturers have been producing and hyping "Concept Vehicles" for quite some time. Many of these vehicles never get off of the drawing board while others may go as far as being put into partial, if not "full" production for public consumption.

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So, why do they go to all of that time, expense and man-power designing something with much of the newest technology and upgrades, when the idea, model or prototype might never be seen beyond the latest Automobile Show or magazine article?

The best answer appears to simply be R & D...Research and Development.

The super competitive world of auto-making demands that these huge companies develop new products with the most sales potential...and ultimately add to the bottom line.

They do this by testing, marketing (hyping) and obtaining feedback from professional and independent experts in the field. Polls and surveys are conducted as well as looking for things such as the "Buzz" on the internet and other information sharing sources.

No-one can tell the future, but these auto builders want as much reassurance as possible that their new product will be a "hit" with consumers...before investing serious cash into mass producing these gems.

Many companies have gambled and failed, while others have had undreamed of success. Jeep has been no exception.

So let's take a look at a representative sampling of Jeep Concept Vehicles produced in the past...up to the present.

Jeep Concept (1990 Freedom)!

This is a 1990 Cherokee Freedom prototype, looking very much the car, it had 4-wheel drive and was touted as a rugged "truck".

1992 Jeep Concept (1992 ECCO)!

The 1992 Jeep ECCO looked a lot like some small imports today!

Jeep Concept (1997 Dakar)!

In 1997 the Jeep Dakar Concept Vehicle looks very similar to the 4-door Wrangler Unlimited.

Jeep Concept (1998 Jeepster)!

A real 4x4 sports car? This 1998 Jeepster Concept is sharp looking!

Jeep Concept (2001 Willys)!

The 2001 Jeep Willys Concept. Wild..yet tamer than the Hurricane a few years later!

Jeep Concept (2004 Rescue)!

The Jeep 2004 Rescue Concept (above) and the Dakar (earlier) shows how the Wrangler Unlimited today was being tested and experimented with.

Jeep Concept (2004 Treo)!

This 2004 Jeep Treo Concept is just too wild for words!

Jeep Concept (2005 Gladiator)!

The Concept Jeep 2005 Gladiator (above) more!

Jeep JT Concept Pickup 2007!

Another Jeep Concept Truck...the JT is based on the Wrangler Unlimited!

Jeep Renegade Concept 2008!

The 2008 Jeep Renegade Concept is really futuristic. Looks Fun!

Jeep Concept (2005 Hurricane on Display)!

The 2005 Jeep Hurricane Concept (pictured here and at the top of this page) wins the prize for the most Outrageous...not to mention...Fantastic concept vehicle put out by Jeep...EVER!!!

A number of other Jeep Concepts have been introduced over the years with names such as:

  • DJ-3A Pickup
  • XJ001
  • XJ002
  • Jeep Cowboy Pickup
  • Jeep II
  • Jeep Wagoneer 2000
  • Jeep Icon
  • Jeep Varsity
  • Jeep Rezo
  • and, Jeep JT Pickup

I should clarify here that all new or significantly different vehicles start out as "concepts" or "prototypes"... but as you can see some never make it to least not in there original form.

Jeep Nukiser 715 Pickup Concept at Moab 2010

Jeep Concept Pickup

Jeep "Red Rock Responders" Concept Pickup.

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