Jeeps Suck

by Chevy Man
(Fort Worth, Tx)

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All of you dumb a***s that pay too much money for something that I wouldn't waste two dollars on.

I wouldn't mind having one just to keep out in my field just to cover in mud, but to pay 5000 dollars for a Jeep is stupid.

Larry's Comment: You're quite right about Jeeps often being overpriced...but I'd rather have an overpriced go anywhere Jeep than being a dime-a-dozen "Chevy Man"...any day.

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Re: Jeeps Suck
by: Jeep Owner

Jeep ownership is indeed a privilege reserved for the few, the ones that understand, and appreciate them. It's not for everyone.

by: Anonymous

The guy that wrote this has had his mind rotted by Chevy ads for far to long. I would like to see him take his Chevy to half the places I have taken my TJ. Any time you build something for offroad it's going to cost, but if you are going spend the money build a Jeep and go where you want.

jeeps suck
by: The Jeep SLAYER

I agree with him jeeps do suck. thats why i drive a range rover classic. Ill out offroad any jeep. nuff siad.

Range Rover Clown
by: Anonymous

Talk about over priced. That's a Ranger Rover and they are ugly as sin.

You might want to rethink that !
by: Y J Bantum

Jeeps Suck? ... I don't think so! Jeeps were born back in a time of necessity. They had to take us to War. To survive, a Jeep had to be easy to maintain, yet rugged enough not to break down. A large request in battlefield conditions.

Since then until now Jeeps have evolved. A Jeep looks like a Jeep, no matter what year it was made, they still visually remind us of a time back when things were simpler. Through the generations, this "Simplicity" has become a tradition well known to Jeep.

If $5000 Dollars seems like a lot of money to you for a Jeep, then you are truly clueless to the world of Jeep Aftermarket. This Avenue could drive you to absolute financial ruin. But the fact remains, anyone can virtually do anything that can be thought of to a Jeep. Now... THAT is where the FUN is. Dollars loose their glimmer to passion.

Jeeps Suck? Jeeps will never Suck! It's History will never let it happen! Sooo!... grab a long neck, light up a bowl full of whatever you're growing in your garden, sit in your rocking chair on your front porch, and stare out at that mud covered Jeep in the middle of your field.

If you walk out there, wash it off, detail some connections, I bet she'll start right up! .........Chevy Boy.

Chevy vs. Jeep vs. Ford Bronco
by: Jon

I own a Ford Bronco and a Jeep CJ5. My Bronc will eat a Chevy's lunch on any given day and my CJ5 will exterminate a Land Rover.

Why can't you guys buy American, seriously? Real 4x4s were started in America and real 4x4s are MADE in America.

To a Chevy guy, they're truck is the gift of god when in most cases a Ford is built way tougher to last a lifetime. My 78 Bronco is 32 years old and is completely stock. My grandfather bought it new and it has remained unmolested its whole life and runs like a swiss watch still.

My Jeep survived its early life as a ranch truck and I brought it back from the dead without having to do anything but restore it, no replacement motor, tranny, axles, etc.

I've owned my fair share of Chevys in my lifetime and loved most of them, but they simply weren't the quality that I had with my Fords. It's your call though.

If you wanted to bash on Jeeps I think you came to the wrong place. Keep it in your Chevy forums.

"Jeep Envy Syndrome" and other short comings!
by: Andrew

Dude, sounds like you have a big impressive Chevy truck. Sorry about your small p**** though.

I am curious how a Chevy guy, and you Land Rover guys too, end up at a website devoted to Jeeps? I can?t say I ever ended up at a Chevy or Land Rover website by accident. Sounds like you all are in the closet about your love of Jeeps. You must spend hours seeking out Jeep websites lusting after the images of all those good looking Jeeps wishing you understood the ?Jeep Thang.?

I can only assume that knowing you will never have what it takes, or be man enough, to own a Jeep you lash out in anger. You?re like the guy who hates pretty women because you know you don't have what it takes to be with one. Seems to me you are suffering from ?Jeep Envy Syndrome."

Well, I?m sure that?s not the only ?Envy Syndrome? you suffer from. I hope you never see me nude in the shower at the gym. I can only imagine the raw anger you might exhibit towards me if you ever saw me in the buff.

Old Jeeps don't Suck
by: Anonymous

Ok Chevy man, I would much rather have a car with gov star on it and every movement tracked than one of those new JoKe's.

But come follow me one day in your heavy small block automatic truck and then we will let the "best car win"

Oh, and it won't be a flat wide open corn field either, so I hope you aren't too attached to those fenders of yours. Oh wait, they came from the factory rusted!!

by: Anonymous

Jeep stands for something, in case u all didn't know.

Japanese. Engineering. Eventually. Prevails.

I like jeeps, I do, but they're far too many on the road for me to buy one, I mean I see at least 10 on my way to work everyday, and more coming home. But I live in a dense area!

I recommend Toyota's Land Cruiser, a proven, tough, out of the box off-roader that kicks a**.

Junk Jeeps
by: Anonymous

Jeeps are the biggest pieces of @#&! ever built!

Chevy man
by: Cujo

Have you ever pulled out a Jeep? Didn't think so..I love rolling around in 2-wheel drive looking at all the stuck Chevys. A Jeep is a true ATV, and way to much fun for Chevy Boys..

I Agree
by: Anonymous

Consumer report graded Jeep the lowest in just about every category...Looks like Jeep's do suck. Don't get me wrong Wranglers are cool for off road, but I would never buy a Jeep as a daily driver.

Larry's Comment: Just for the record "Consumer Report" hardly likes any vehicle that is not some eco-friendly, tree hugger green, fuel sipping, European-style, girlie-man, hybrid, econo-box, Al Gore special.

Jeeps (and some American iron pickups) are tough and made for people who don't bend to political correctness.

Jeeps don't is the driver
by: Anonymous

Ok dumb a**. Jeeps are made for off roading. It depends on the driver. If you are stupid and don't know how to drive in the snow or rain then you will think Jeeps are a peace of sh** and it is not. It is all you...duh! Learn to drive and vehicles are not cell phone booths.

A word about Consumer Reports
by: YJ Bantum

Careful about the (opinions) given by Consumer Reports! Consumer Reports buys each individual vehicle and tests them to a criteria set by their own "specialists".

A Jeep and a Lexus are rated in reference to each other as if they were comparable vehicles. I could personally set standards set by a Jeep that Lexus would fail horribly. (apples to oranges).

Don't get me wrong, I've owned a Lexus, but I have driven my Jeep Wrangler YJ everyday for the past 16 years.

Consumer Report holds a high opinion of Nissan and has for some time, but if you remember earlier this year a number of technical glitches with Toyota/Nissan has resulted in numerous fatalities and millions of recalls.

This is not an exaggeration! Consumer Reports never wavered and still holds Japanese car makers with high regards .... Hmmm !!!

Now, what was your definition of "SUCKS" again?

Heeps do in fact suck...
by: Anonymous

First of all these recalls that you mention are highlighted as a problem for the Japanese manufacturers. Notice how even though American cars are the biggest crap boxes on the road, the only recalls you hear about for foreign cars. hmmmm. I wonder if the media in this country isn't just trying to help these pathetic domestic manufacturers move some of their horrendous products off the lot. If you actually take the time and go to any domestic makers' site and look at the recalls you will see just as many active recalls if not more than you will of certain foreign recalls. Especially Chrysler a.k.a. HEEP. Secondly have you ever seen a HEEP towing anything out of a tough spot- nope I didn't think so. translation for trail rated= tow rated.

Be thankful for Jeep
by: Jon

Jeep inspired Land Rover and Toyota to make capable 4x4s so you should be thankful for Jeep regardless. Jeeps rock and I will always own them. Early Broncos kick a** too. I have a '78 big Bronco and it kicks a** on the trail. It leaves most Chevy's in the dust.

RE Jeeps suck
by: John

It's because of a Jeep that you are free to say that!

Jeeps suck?
by: vdubdork67

Despite that everyone has their own opinion,it does suspect that why would one go through all that trouble just to bash another marque.

No life and lots of time on their hands I suppose. I will admit I was once a Jeep hater myself,due to an accident involving one when I was a kid. I had the blinders on,and only could see Volkswagens as "the car" for me.

Been humbled,after receiving a '75 CJ5 basket case as payment for a debt. It sat for about a year during which time I was unable to sell it, much less get rid of it.

Gave in one day and decided to put this beast together, since all the parts were present and I got tired of looking at it in pieces. Four months later another CJ5 was back on the road under it's own power. It was then I realized that there are "other" cars besides VWs!

Sadly the Jeep was totaled while my nephew was borrowing it, but if given the chance at another Jeep, I'd jump on it fast! Although still partial with them rear engined cars, I've been keeping an eye out for a potential Jeep project.

Jeeps suck? HELL NO!!!

Jeeps are not Modern Technology
by: Anonymous

Jeeps have little to zero practical purpose. I own a 91 Nissan 4x4 truck. It can take jumps and slide corners at 70 mph and will slide all 4 wheels on pavement when cranking hard turns. It can climb any if not steeper hills than a jeep because it is longer and has much better handling. Plus its a truck = way more practical utility. It is way safer and gets better gas mileage. Also about half the price. Looks way better. Jeeps have the same technology now as they did 50 years ago but cost way more. If you need a jeep you have either a small garage, bad taste, or need to drive over tree stumps to get out of your yard. Durable sure, practical no. Its sad that you can get a much nicer Land rover for the same price and really get the ladies, but still be able to climb stairs. All in all Jeeps are slow, dangerous at speed, archaic technology, and little everyday use.

Nissan 4x4 TRUCK ???
by: Anonymous

First and foremost, Nissan doesn't make a real truck! Ford and Chevy make Trucks!!! Nissan will get you from one rice paddy to the next with a full bed of seedlings. But in the true world of trucks Nissan isn't even mentioned.

As for sliding corners at 70 mph .... What? Do you think you're "the fast and the furious"??? You sound more like "the stupid and the delusional".

Why nobody takes Jeep seriously
by: Anonymous

Jeeps do not compete in any offroad racing circuits. They have never been known for anything but Baja 1000 racing. Look at Ford, Chevy, TOYOTA, NISSAN. They all have offroad RACING technology. If you want to go slow, walk or get tracks. Scared slow kids like to jeep, not rally. Even Mitsubishi rallys. IF IT HASN'T BEEN RACED IT HASN'T BEEN PROVEN. And don't give a speal about army jeeps. They were Willys, not Jeeps/Dodge. Remember the names, tufftruck, trophy truck, and monster truck. Jeeps will never be famous, make anyone famous, or win anything.

Larry's Reply: The vast majority of us who own Jeeps did not buy them to race...or rally...or jump over school buses.

And I would dare say that the vast majority of Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Nissan, Toyota (etc) truck owners will never enter a race or rally event.

We love our Jeeps because they do exactly what WE want them to do...simple as that.

And trust me when I say...we owners take our Jeeps seriously. If you cannot deal with that...then you can take your rally trucks and place them in your baja regions.

Taking Jeeps seriously
by: YJ Bantum

ATK Performance Engines began producing the I6/4.7L Stroker for Mopar last year . This engine premiered at last years SEMA convention in Las Vegas. It's a direct replacement for the '91 to '98 Jeep Wrangler YJ/TJ 4.0L engine. TEAM ATK won last years Baja 1000 with the same engine and technology. Now that's SERIOUS Jeep Engine Performance. Just because the fiberglass body resembles a truck doesn't mean that's what's under the hood. Lift that shell off and you'll barely recognize the chassis at all.

So ... If you think a vehicles validity is proven by speed, then you need to seriously catch-up!!!

Why get a Jeep
by: Anonymous

Why get a Jeep when you can buy a Toyota, Nissan, Ford, or Chevy with an extreme offroad package for the same price? And as far as a hot engine making a Jeep great, total bs, Ford has Roush, Chevy has Edelbrock, Nissan has Nismo, Toyota has TRD. What good does a huge engine do if you have a tiny wheelbase and can't go over 40 mph off road? Sure you can go over rough roads but so can any other truck. Even if a trophy truck isn't a real truck chassis it is very close. There is no teched-out version of a Jeep because they are not worth the time or money.

Reply: Why get a Jeep? by Anonymous talking out his A**!
by: YJ Bantum

Sure ... every engine has an aftermarket company enhancing it's performance. What phrase did you regurgitate? " IF IT HASN'T BEEN RACED IT HASN'T BEEN PROVEN".

ATK Performance took the checkered flag at the Baha 1000 and TOYOTA WASN'T THERE !!! Nissan has what? Toyota has TRD? Sounds like something that's stuck between the sole and heal of my boot. Also... you ever looked at the chassis of Terrible's Racing Team Vehicle? I have, and it's all tubular construction! It looks like an over-sized sandrail on steroids, NOT A TRUCK! NOBODY races a truck frame alone. They are too heavy and reinforced in all the wrong places.

As for your uneducated large engine and short wheelbase remark ... The I6 by ATK isn't necessarily a large engine, just 290 ft.pounds of Low End Torque right out of the crate (oops! That might be a little over your head!), and Jeep hasn't had a short wheelbase since 1987.

Chrysler reinvented Jeep with production of the YJ. And who widened the wheel base? Lee Iacocca, CEO of Chrysler division, author and inventor of the Ford Mustang. (Hey Anonymous! taking notes?)

Let me address some more stupid remarks you made. Extreme Off-Road packages are Marketing tools. Not to be confused with off-road Performance.

Last but not least, Bantam invented (Jeep) over 70 years ago, not Willys and not AMC. All 3 made Jeeps for the War effort. They were all given the same blue-prints so parts were interchangeable on the battlefield. Willys was awarded the bulk of the production and they were all more than likely nicknamed "Jeep" from a comic strip character.

Now for the (no teched-out version of a Jeep) comment. The new Jeep JK was a collaboration between Chrysler/Mercedes Benz. Now it's been a while since I was in Munich, but from what I remember, they had some pretty High Tech stuff there!

It's obvious (Anonymous) has never been to these race rallys or any off-road events he spews about. Get some visual and hands on experience, not just looking at pictures in a truck magazine. Try attending SEMA this December in Las Vegas. Out here in the Southwest we take our off-roading seriously. Also check out the Annual Jeep Rally held every year in Utah, it's called MOAB.

In other words get yourself educated. Do your research before you enter a Jeep Forum website. You're truly uninformed and way out-classed here!

Toyota huh?
by: Anonymous


Wait, what was that you were saying about LOLyotas climbing better/higher/wharblegarble?

Cry more please. and when you're done, get a real truck and apologise to the rest of the class.

Even the government doesn't like Jeep
by: Anonymous

What utility does a Jeep have over a 4-wheeler other than sitting on your but and using a steering wheel? Why does the military not use Jeep anymore? Could they really not compete with the GM Hummer? The border patrol uses more Dodge Chargers than Jeep, and I have never seen the forest service use them. Pre-runners are not a tube chassis. They are a regular truck with a suspension upgrade. They are used to scout off road routes before the race.

Oh NO !!! Anonymous is back making more stupid remarks!
by: Y J Bantum

The U.S. military do not hate Jeeps!!! Jeeps are revered in the pages of Military History. Jeeps are not used by The Military anymore because they were replaced by the HUM V...Just like WW-2 Half-tracks were replaced by the Armored Personal Carrier(APC)...Or the Sherman Tank retired to make room for the M1A1 Abrams...Or the B-52 is now the Stealth Bomber.

Yes...Pre-Runners are modified pick-up trucks, and the Pre-runner class is what they race in.

Hey Anonymous ??? You seem to have an incredible passion for trucks. If so...(pause to LOL)...why are you driving a Toyota? If it's to "pick-up the ladies", like you really need to rethink your GAME!!!

by: Anonymous

YA..why spend $5,000 for a stock Jeep when I only have $3,000 into my 8 in. lift Bronco with locked front and rear on brand new 35's, low gears, heavy duty bumpers, a 12,500 lb. winch and new paint job...and ya that's 3 G's for everything.


Get a Jeep, drop a V8 in it, you might be sap
by: jeep warior

Get a Jeep drop, a V8 in it and you might be surprised. Get in, shut up and hang on. Jeeps are far better made than some Land Rover "want to be".

Dear Chevy Man
by: Anonymous

Yes, I have pulled out Jeeps. In fact I pull out more Jeeps than any thing else with my gen 2 Bronco. Even when I had my stock Toyota I pulled out my buddies 6 in. lift Cherokee all the time, and had to drag him home off the trail cause he broke down.


Pay Attention
by: Laughing at you all!

Every vehicle has its niche, its place in the world, otherwise auto manufacturers wouldn't build them because then they wouldn't make any money.

Chevy makes great, long lasting, hard working trucks. Anyone who disputes this point has not looked into statistical data that shows the clear cut evidence. That isn't to say Ford, Dodge, and Toyota don't make great trucks too, because they do. Toyota for instance makes a great small pickup that will literally run forever with minimal maintenance if it only sees light duty (nowadays we call it the Tacoma).

It makes me sick and appalls me that people are so disrespectful to the Jeep, which comes from hard-working background and has evolved to be a very versatile machine for those who want one. If anyone can name a single pick-up or SUV with a convertible top that has sold more than a few thousand units I'll retract this statement (One exception, maybe the samurai but that's basically a jeep anyway!)

Jeeps are excellent off road vehicles because they have a very short wheel-base, this makes it much easier to drive in off road conditions because there's a lot less ways to get stuck when your wheels are close together, just like when you walk uphill you take shorter steps (you feel like your taking bigger steps because you have to lift your feet higher and its hard work, but trust me, you're not covering more ground).

They weigh almost nothing though, which is important if you want to pull someone out of a hole, the hill they are stuck at is pulling them back towards you. That's why heavier trucks are great at pulling people out, especially ones with a lot of low-range torque (diesels!).

I've tried to cover some of the things that everyone here has argued about just so they can see the error in their ways. Jeeps are great vehicles for their purpose and they are a lot of fun! They have their limitations believe it or not, its a fact.


by: Anonymous

I have owned and worked on Chevy and Jeeps for 30 years. Chevy's are much better built, more durable, and more dependable for getting you out of sticky situations or off roading. And if you don't have a Willys Jeep then your full of it because Chrysler didn't help America win any wars...I'm pretty sure they use Hummers today which are made by GM...

"Japanese. Engineering. Eventually. Prevails."

I think that Jeep gets most of its bad rap from being affiliated to Chrysler...

Jeeps and V8s
by: Anonymous

Who got the stupid idea of putting a V8 in a Jeep? Simply it's too much power and adds a lot of weight and gas money. They are too short and unstable at high speed to use the power, and low gears make the proper torque for rough terrain, or rock crawling. If the idea is to turn huge tires then get a monster truck or a tractor. Please don't say you need a V8 for those huge wheels because you spent more than 25K for a mud bogger.

Jeep wrote the book
by: Anonymous

Jeeps rule. Why own a copy when you can own the original. I am proud to own a Jeep American legend. To heck with Toyota's!

Jeeps are the Best
by: Anonymous

Trucks are okay, but Jeeps are better. I have a 2000 Cherokee sport with 32 inch tires and it has not gotten stuck in anything at all! I once drove a truck with 32 inch tires through 3 inches of mud and it got stuck! I drove my Jeep through two feet of mud and it went through it smoothly!

Jeeps are the best. They are the icon of America!
My Jeep helped win a war, your truck mows my lawn!
Also, if Jeeps suck, then how come there's a Jeep Jamboree every single year? How come thousands of people take their Jeeps there to go off-roading and have fun? Hmmmmm? How come there is no Truck-Jamboree? Oh, that's right, trucks were only made to pull trailers and haul stuff away.

Jeeps are the true off-road machines! God bless America for creating Jeeps! Jeeps are the best and always will be! The only Jeeps that suck are the Jeep Compass and Commander! They suck! The Rubicon, Wrangler, and Cherokee are the best Jeeps.

Overall statement here..... JEEPS RULE!!!!!

Jeeps Rule
by: Anonymous

Jeeps are the best 4x4 vehicles in the world! Trucks = good, Land Rovers = better, Jeeps = Best!!
Okay? Enough said!

I agree
by: Anonymous

Ford Raptor, nuff said.

Silly flame wars
by: Eric

Racing has very little to do with what you actually buy.

There is no such thing as a truly reliable car. every model has a car which just fails and each model has some sort of quality control problem with it.

A persons driving habits have more to do with what happens reliability wise.
If you want to talk about the most reliable try to beat the 1.8-2.0 liter Volvo B20 and B18 near 3,000,000 million miles on the engine with one rebuild no matter where you look every car has been beaten by another in something.
For example Chevys and Broncos used to be grim reapers getting flipped over and killing their drivers and passengers on a regular basis but had some good rep for "reliability"

My dads 1966 Volvo has more advanced suspension than the newest corvette(LEAF SPRINGS!ON CAR FOR 50K!)

I got a Jeep and I'll say Jeeps rot like a ripe banana outside but they just keep on going no matter what, especially when it comes to going up a steep rock slope, boulders, and deep mud.
tTe 2.5L Jeep 4cyl goes where the V8 Chevy does but doesn't put two foot deep tracks in the ground.


All about what YOU are looking for in YOUR car not what OTHERS see in THEIR cars.

by: Anonymous

I do not understand why everyone is arguing over the internet. It is the same way on any other forum and YouTube. Offroading shouldn't be about what vehicle you drive. It should be about having fun. I have two Jeeps, but half of my buddies have Toyotas. We all go wheeling together.

by: Anonymous

Tell me how a long bed pickup with no weight over the rear wheels is going to out-wheel a short wheelbase Jeep. Pickups are great, but they where made for hauling and towing. Jeeps where designed for the offroad. If you ever see a pickup that is wheeled as much as a jeep then it probably needs a new body.

Stupid truck owners!
by: Anonymous


He is right and wrong.
by: Anonymous

He is right in the sense that they (Jeeps) are the most unreliable vehicles ever built. In the first month I bought mine, the brakes went and then the rear pinion bearing. Then a piston skirt broke and wrecked the engine. I installed a new one and now 10,500 miles later, there is a slapping sound from under the valve cover and from inside the crank case. Replaced the radiator twice, fixed a massive transmission fluid leak, signals don't work, leaks coolant, electrical shorts all the time.

Now as for anyone being able to out offroad me? Never.

Most Unreliable vehicles ever built? REALLY!!!
by: YJ Bantum

Whoa!!! ...

This isn't an unreliable Jeep you're talking about, this is a nightmare!!! Catch us up to speed on what kind of Jeep this is! In all my years, I've never heard of this many things wrong with one Jeep! Obviously it's not a new Jeep.

The brakes went? (where did they go?) The rear pinion bearings? That's a real weird one! Usually the pinion and gears crunch before your bearings give out. If ever! (Did you ever check the level of the synthetic gear oil in your differentials? Did you ever check your rear differential for leaks?) Piston skirt ... do you mean a piece of the piston broke off in the piston bore? That usually happens from poor lubrication or excessive RPM's. So your fix was to install a new one. (A new what? A new engine? A new piston? You said the engine was wrecked!) Now 10,500 miles you hear a loud tapping sound under your valve cover. Have you checked the oil levels? Has your engine ever been overheated on more that one occasion? Two radiators??? Really? Leaks coolant? From where? The hoses? Transmission leaks massive amounts of fluids? (The AX-15 Transmission is the cornerstone to Jeep's legacy! Did someone punch a hole in the bottom of the tranny?) Signals don't work and wiring shorts out all the time? Wow!!!

First on sounds like this Jeep has been neglected for a very long time. Any vehicle has to be maintained. Not even mentioning (preventive maintenance) DUH!!!

This Jeep either needs to be overhauled and restored or hauled off to a junk yard...But don't blame it on Unreliability!!! This is an Obvious and horrific case of neglect!!!

What's good?
by: kyledudeman

Jeeps win wars. What does your import do?

2 big disappointments
by: Anonymous

Jeeps do suck. At least Honda stands behind their products. When I had an electrical issue with my civic, Honda paid for it even though it was not a recall or a safety concern. Jeep wouldn't help cover a shot engine after only owning the Liberty 3 1/2 years or the control arm on a 2 year old Patriot. Maybe Jeeps used to be good, but since 2000, I have owned 2 because I am required to have an "American" car for work. They are a complete piece of crap & waste of money.

Jeeps Suck????
by: Steve Wilson

I usually do not get into vehicle bashing as long as it originated in the good ole U.S.A.

I have been privledged to own, Fords, Jeeps, Chevy. Dodge "Mopar for those who like it", and I have 5 Jeeps as I write: 3 Wranglers, CJ7 and a Grand Cherokee Limited. I also own a Chevy Tahoe and I also own a '89 Ford F350.

If I am going into the woods I would have to stick with my Jeeps. ALL OF THEM. For my everyday save my butt ride my Tahoe is a fine riding vehicle, but when I have to get down right dirty and have a work horse I will stick with the Ford F350.

Each of these vehicles were made for different applications, plain and simple, each perform greatly, but I will have to say Land Rover's suck. Worse electrical system other than Jaguar, and your pockets better be deep.

As for Toyota's the older Toyota's were a great truck, but now they want to play in a big boys yard. Bring it and my 350 will pull your sorry butt side ways.

I love American vehicles, all of them and yes I will spend more working on my Jeep because I want too. I can do a 4" lift for 500.00 or less, but not on my Chevy ($1680.00), Ford ($1800.00). Dollar for dollar the Jeep is way cheaper to fix than the Chevy and definitely cheaper than Ford.

Gentlemen, please remember what they were built for and I think we all can get along even if a Jeep is pulling someone out.

Thanks for reading my ramble and God Bless our Service Men and Women, and Please God Bless the U.S.A. once more

I hate my Wrangler
by: Anonymous

I've had my Jeep for 3 months now and every time I go through a little bit of mud or water it is another thousand dollars to fix. They suck so much. The design is even terrible. They put hoses for air right above the axle. When you get mud or water in them your engine breaks. Take my advice don't buy a Jeep. Buy an F-150.

@ I hate my Wrangler
by: YJ Bantum

Just interested to know, what year is your wrangler? Is it fairly new? Or is it a CJ, YJ, or TJ? I'm not really familiar with any air hoses in the wheel wells! Or down anywhere near the differential or axles themselves. If you like to wheel around in water and mud alot you should consider a cold air induction system or maybe a snorkel.

Now, about your comment on design flaws. If you are schooled in engineering and design then you should be able to get around, under the hood with no problem. The only place water or mud can enter your engine is through your throttle body where your air filter feeds it. You have to ask yourself how could that possibly happen. OEM air filter systems are not made to high performance standards, but what they do is keep your engine flowing with clean air. I'm starting to think you don't know what your talking about!

So before you head off into the wild blue yonders, take a moment and visually inspect your engine. Get your hands dirty! This is an off road vehicle and you are going to drive this vehicle OFF ROAD! Away from civilization! No dealership to hand $1000 to repair what you should have been able to prevent in the first place!

Getting an F-150 isn't going to replace your own lack of common sense. Preventive Maintenance is your only line of defense. It doesn't matter if you are driveing a truck or a Jeep. Anything mechanical is capable of failing. How much of a problem and inconvenience it causes is up to you.

I Hate My Jeep???
by: Steve Wilson

Was your Jeep on its roll bars??? You do realize it's a Jeep, not a boat! The Gentleman after your crazy comment is correct, did you fit it with a snorkel?? These vehicles do what they are made to do. They are light duty 4x4 vehicles to safely take you and the family out through trails, maybe on a beach, trails in the mountains, to go where the average vehicle won't go. Before you say anything about speed, it doesn't do 6 seconds on the quarter mile either "just for the record"

The CJ7 and YJ's are very good vehicles. It is highly recommended to do proper maintenance after you sink it in the swamp up over the axles and vent tubes. Need to clean the undercarriage, and if you wheel alot change the diff oil, grease the bearings, check the brakes, lines, etc.

One last feature you can't or won't do with a sorry butt Land Rover or the other wanna be vehicles is leave the top off. I happen to love my Jeeps. I happen to love the freedom it gives me when I want to ride the trails in South Jersey, next weekend taking my C55 AMG rock climbing. I will let you know how I make out. I hope it doesn't get stuck.

Chevys vs Jeeps
by: Anonymous

I've owned more Chevys in my life than Jeeps. In fact, I have owned only one Jeep whereas I have owned three Chevys. And I'll tell you why that is...My Chevys, while my experiences with the brand were good overall, were nothing special.

The reason I have only had one Jeep is that I cannot imagine parting with my Wrangler. And if you think the price is too high for Jeeps, then you probably have not given consideration to the depreciation of your Chevy vs that of a Jeep.

Agreed, Jeeps really do suck.
by: Anonymous

I have a Grand Cherokee and after the tail light wiring being a problem, the gas gauge breaking (F to E, F to E, etc. etc. etc.), not being able to get the U-Joints off the driveshaft, lights flickering constantly, the window going down by itself, not turning on, the blower only working on high, and the horn not shutting off until I unplugged the battery, I too agree that Jeeps SUCK SUCK SUCK!

I used to LOVE them but now, I will never own anything built by the geniuses (said facetiously) at Chrysler again. Utter S&$T

Jeeps Really Do Suck?
by: Steven Wilson

Anonymous, you must have Gremlins. How in the heck can that be? Lights flickering, that's usually a bad ground "Loose", or the alternator. Not saying switch isn't bad either. Window going down on its own, that is a bad window switch, and the horn blowing, did it have an alarm? Was it grounded properly and is the horn relay OK?

Other than the alternator you are talking $120.00 in parts and the U-joints are $17.00 each at Advanced Auto Parts. With a socket and a vise you can change these no problem.

Any vehicle can have problems. Did you buy this new or used? Do you follow the vehicle maintenance book? If you are handy these items are very easy to do. Sorry your experience with a Jeep was bad. I love them they are easy to work on, you can upgrade them relatively cheap and they are fun as heck.

P.S. Don't forget when Chrysler owned them they weren't $35,000 for a Wrangler or TJ. What the heck, they are now. I Love My Jeeps.

Chevy vs Ford vs Jeep
by: Anonymous

The ONLY Chevy I will own is a Camaro. The ONLY Ford I will own is a Mustang. Ford and Chevy SUV's don't hold a light to a Jeep..end of story. Plus, why get on here and bad mouth something that doesn't affect your life? You don't see us goin and talkin crap about the K5 Blazer, which is junk, or the Bronco which depending on the year was garbage. Get a life little boys. Go cry to your mommy and daddy and tell them you want a big boy car and get a JEEP!

Good grief ...
by: Anonymous

Any off road junky, no matter what he drives, is an accomplished do-it-yourself mechanic! Jeeps, because of their simplicity are a no brainer for (DIY) mechanics. These comments in here about ultimate lemon machinery cracks me up! How can so many things be wrong with one vehicle? I think most of the electrical problems mentioned on this page were caused by spilled Latte's...

Why are you here?
by: William

I will never understand why people like to troll sites they don't care about. Why in the world would a guy who hates Jeeps come onto a Jeep site and bash them? Get a life people! Jeeps Rule - Rovers Drool!

4x4 Without a Chevy Tahoe
by: 4x4 mopar

My friend tried to 4 x 4 with his Chevy Tahoe. Really sad that his 4x4 got stuck in the mud. He did not even make it to the rocks where I told him to stay away because he would not make it. I pulled him out with my Jeep. Tahoe's look nice but suck when trying to be a 4 x 4. When it snowed he ended up in the ditch. Again, my Jeep saved him.

Who sucks now?
by: Anonymous

Funny, we Jeep owners don't have to go onto other sites and bash them like crazy to make ourselves feel good, but you Chevy/Toyota/Landrover/Ford owners come onto OUR sites just to wave around your ludicrous opinions like the children you are.

Who really sucks now? You're the ones acting desperate.

Mind ya Own Damn businesses!
by: Anonymous

Look All You Haters! Listen up. I usually don't reply to these dumb a** people, and complaining, but this one stabbed me in the foot!

I own a CJ5, Ford Super Duty, and two CanAm ATVs. All of them are paid for and all of them are 4 wheel drive. I don't receive hand-outs and don't hop on other forums hating on others interest and likes. And I don't care what magazine states what vehicle is the best or the worst. I'm buying what I Want! If you wanna drive a be it! Have fun doing it. Sounds to me You really wish you had a Jeep or why would you be here?

And you, mister Range Rover, learn how to spell before you decide to bash others. It only makes you look like a fool!

Mind your Own Damn Business Guys!

I don't get it.
by: Taco driver

Why are there so many haters? CJs, YJs, TJs, and JKs RULE (I'm going to refrain from commentary on the cherokees, wagoneers, etc). I love 'em. I even got my wife to buy a JK Unlimited Rubicon so I can drive it occasionally.

I love my Toyota, it's right for me. I can keep up with the Jeeps I ride with, and I have little to no issues getting stuck, it's a matter of knowing how to drive off road and I won't off road with anyone that's a schmuck. This leads me up to stating; Most people who know how to properly drive off road, and enjoy doing so recreationally, know that a Jeep (CJ and Descendants) is one of the most capable off road vehicles available around the world, and definitely in North America.

Chevy, Ford, Jeep, Toyota or UNIMOG...if you don't know how to drive off road you're gonna get it stuck. Volvo, Toyota, or Honda...if you beat it hard and don't maintain's gonna break.

And as for pulling someone out...I've used a Deere Gator to pull an F350 out of the mud. It only takes some kinetic rope, some patience and a little know-how.

P.S. Don't hate on the Land Rover Series I, II, III, and Defender, for a lot of trails they can give a Jeep a run for the money.

Jeep Cherokees rule!
by: Anonymous

Jeeps are the best vehicles out there, but when Chrysler took over and started wussifying the Jeeps, I was appalled. The only good modern Jeep is the Wrangler, all the others stink. That's why I drive a 2000 Cherokee sport. It's old, but it never fails. I'm using it for my daily driver and it's never gotten stuck! They need to make the modern Jeeps out of REAL steel, make 'em just as tough as they were in World War 2. Bring back the CJ-5, CJ-7, and the Cherokee! Jeeps rule above all!

by: Anonymous

I have a well maintained Jeep Cherokee sport and its a money pit. More and more things keep going wrong.

The newest jeeps are much better, but Jeeps of the 90's to the mid 2000's have some of the worst customer satisfaction reviews of all cars. I'd safely say bottom five.

Range Rovers have even worse reliability ratings, despite being luxurious and good looking.

Jeep's suck
by: John C

I have a 1973 FJ40 (Toyota). Never had problems ever and I bet I could go farther then most heeps you see.

I smell a troll.
by: TNJeep

And he stinks like rust and leaky Chevy parts.

@ John C
by: YJBantum

I have a '94 Jeep Wrangler SE and I have to admit I do like the early F40 Toyota series. they have a neat utility look about them and I always liked the side folding rear seats.

But John C, the engine is the 3.9 liter 6 cylinder producing 125 HP with maybe a little more than 200 ft. pounds of low-end torque, which is respectable for 1973.

I'm sure you love your Land Cruiser but any SUV on a used car lot or show room floor will leave you far behind on a back road trail...not to mention what a Wrangler would do to you.

Restore your '73 F40 to original specs and Cherry it out. Some F40's out there are getting as much as $50,000 from collectors. Or, stick a Chevy 350 Vortec long block in it...then come back and see me!

Love them both
by: John

I've been an extreme Chevy fan all my life but since I've got my license I'm the proud owner of a '95 YJ and I love it. Now my brother's Duramax will beat the #&$@ out of it in a race, but my fun 5-speed four banger will pull it out whenever he needs help from his little brother. (Not saying that truck can't pull the Jeep out. I'm sure it could too.)

Old CJ7 pile will kick butt
by: Anonymous

As the owner of a '77 CJ with a stock 304 nothing comes close. Have seen the morons who think they can offroad with a new (pick one here) truck or Jeep. If you have safety in mind don't own a late model anything. If you want to get out and enjoy the world I will take you on any day. Yeah you have to fix things every now and then but honestly I need about six tools to fix it and I can find that problem almost instantly. After you hook yours up to the computer and try to find it after four hours of replacing the next item in the code I will still be out having a good time.
At the end of the day my POS '77 Jeep is still worth more than yours. Ford, Dodge, Chevy and even a new Jeep at least at the end of the day mine says Made in the USA.

New Jeeps
by: Anonymous

Congratulations Chrysler! You have completely DESTROYED the Wrangler!!! The day you idiots put 4 doors on a Jeep, was the day the Jeep lost its "essence." Wranglers ARE NOT family vehicles. Four Door Wrangler?! Isn't that an oxymoron? Emphasis on the moron!

Jeeps suck
by: steve wilson

It has been some time since I've been to the site and again there are still some that want to compare the old Jeep's to the new Jeep's, old Chevy's to new Chevy's, old Ford's to new Ford's. Get your head out of your keaster.

The newer vehicles have to adhere to more EPA regulations, this is fact. I will take my '88 wrangler over a new one any day; I will take my '69 Bronco over a new one any day; I will take my 68 Blazer over the new one any day, "IF" I am going to the woods.

The new vehicles ride and handle better but just remember one thing when the original Jeeps were made they were used in a lot of military action, they didn't go fast but they went about any where. My '69 Bronco with the 302 and three speed on the column was a great vehicle, and my '68 Blazer the same. I would prefer to take my new Ford on a long trip, but I am not spending $70,000.00 to go trash it it the woods.

The newer computerized vehicle are more efficient but it opens itself to a new problem. When things go wrong and you start checking the codes you better make sure you know what you are looking at. Performance with the new injection system is beyond the most efficient, making today's vehicles run cleaner and get better mileage in most cases.

People taking one vehicle over the other have their right but in reality it like trying to compare a knock off watch to the real thing. I guess we can thank all the groupies and trenders for taking a fun sport and turning it into a BS session.

How about this, what ever you drive go out with your family and have fun. Learn the limitations and help someone that gets stuck, and if you can help them that would be great. If you don't like Jeeps buy a Land Rover, or Mercedes, or what ever, and when an old Jeep or Bronco, or Blazer comes and pulls you out I bet you wont refuse their help.

Hey happy trailing. God Bless America! STILL the best country in the world even if it has Jeeps. :)

jeeps suck
by: steve wilson

Larry, I have to agree 100%. We have people come to a Jeep site to bash a legend.

The eco-friendly crowd that write on here probably agree with Obama. Four years ago gas was $1.50 - $1.85 a gallon and this was due to a bad economy (lol). What a shmuck!

The "trendies" out there like their Range Rover, Land Rovers and such, but I have never seen them do rock climbing, or serious wheeling, and most of the time they can't get the piece of crap running because of the inferior wiring.

Our Government has hampered the auto industry by all the bull crap laws they put in place. The United States was a leading country of producing the BEST products in the world. Now we have (Al)Gore the idiot claiming global warming, yet he lives in a 40,000 sq ft house and uses more gas to heat it than a hotel.

As for the American people, there has never been a country that has done more for so many in such a short period of time than the United States of America..PERIOD. Others like our milk and honey but they run down our way of life. I don't see anyone going to another country illegally to live else where.

The people that don't agree should shut the heck up and thank God that JEEP helped win every major war there ever was. Screw your foreign friggin' SUV's and your non American way of thinking, the older Jeeps are still the best vehicles ever made for the purpose they serve.

Oh yeah Hummer boy, you stuck $60,000 plus for a gas guzzling piece of crap for the road and guess what, they are not made to Military standards.

Thank the EPA and the so called leaders in Washington for screwing the American auto industry.

Jeep's the best!
by: Anonymous

I agree with the comment about having an over priced Jeep rather than a dime a dozen Chevy. (lol) I drive a Jeep and wouldn't drive anything else. I never get stuck and I can go anywhere. When all the dumbarses driving everything else can't make it up the driveway after a big snow I lmao, when I can lmao.

by: Anonymous

Ive got a 1992 Jeep Cherokee, and it was bought by my grandpa new. He has three Jeeps as of today. He wouldn't have three if they were junk or trash. He was in the military and used them.

It was passed down to my dad and now to me. It's ruff looking but it still runs like a champ! I would fix it up but can't. My dad owns a Chevy and it's even more ruff looking.

All I can say is I love my Jeep and wouldn't trade it for any other vehicle unless it was another Jeep.

Jeeps do suck...
by: Anonymous

Jeeps do suck, and so do Chevys. I had 3 Jeeps and 2 Chevys. It's a shame it took me so many tries to realize how crappy cars they are.

I'll stick to my '94 Ford Bronco 5.8

RE:Jeeps Suck!
by: Ventura Guy

Absolutely loved my 2008 Hemi Commander and felt awful trading it in for a 2013 JKU Rubicon. Did I mention I also own a 2012 JKU Sahara and loved it so much I had to have another?

What is money, when all you really want is performance, and Jeeps deliver. Besides, what other vehicle out there is so versatile that you can readily change its look and feel to match the conditions of the day?

Jealousy is a sickness so get over it! When I win the lottery my next Jeep purchase I'll dump 60K rather than 30K each that I have for the two I own now...LoL. No other vehicle compares and if you think different your in a comma perpetually dreaming...

My Jeep has rescued Chevys with bigger motors
by: Anonymous

My Jeep has pulled out Chevy's with way bigger motors than mine out of the mud.

Jeeps do suck
by: Anonymous

Hi folks,

In my opinion the entire Dodge, Jeep line-up is garbage. I purchased a brand new Jeep in 2009, and spent more time in the service department getting the thing fixed than any other vehicle I have owned. I find the engine starts sounding really rough around 60k, cvt always slipped when trying to get on the highway, and the overall attitude of the service department was not too friendly. The brakes they use now for these Jeeps are just awful and start squealing right around the 5000km mark, and good luck trying to get it fixed. I feel sorry for you people who want to go out and buy a Jeep, or Dodge product because I know you will be unhappy down the road.

I have owned everything from a Dodge, Jeep, Mazda, Ford, and Chevrolet. The worse was the Dodge and Jeep. The best so far is the Chevrolet I have in my garage.

To the Jeep fans. Live and learn, then buy something worth the money.


Perhaps the new Jeeps suck ???
by: YJ Bantum

I'm a HUGE Jeep fan. I own a 1994 Jeep Wrangler YJ/SE and I am concerned about what Chrysler/Dodge is producing now! I do admit I've heard more disappointing stories about the newer models which makes me think they're becoming more complicated than they need to be.

I am the original owner of my Jeep and through the years I have added over $40.000+ in improvements and upgrades. This puts it in a class by itself. So much so that I've been invited to show my Jeep as the premier vehicle in the 4W Parts Performance booth at this years Automotive Convention in Las Vegas. It's a no-brainer since I live here.

The previous comment about squealing brakes isn't really what I would call a production flaw! If your Jeep is still under warranty, squealing brakes isn't on the list. After 5000 miles the culprit could be as simple as a heavy foot. My Jeep has a lot of extra weight and I adjust my driving accordingly. I also live in the desert, which means it's very dry with 110+ degree summers.

Anticipate when you're going to brake and let the vehicle slow down on its own and maybe down shift a gear if need be. I myself manage to keep the braking down to a minimum. Either discs or drums, whichever, when it comes to brakes no matter what the vehicle, after a little time those brakes will glaze. Remember...heat kills!

If the technicians at the dealership are giving you attitude about the squealing brakes after 5000 miles instead of explaining the matter like I just have then I'd be pissed off too!

Also, unless you're having warranty work done, stay away from dealerships.

Must be a mechanic
by: Chevy driver

If you own a Jeep/Dodge you best be a mechanic and pack a tool box every where you go, or at least take your favorite walking shoes.

@ Chevy Driver
by: YJ Bantum

You do realize you're on a Jeep (4 wheel-drive off road web-site)??? If so, where have you driven OFF-ROAD with your Chevy that you think YOU are not going to need a tool box ??? Also, what Chevy model do you drive ??? I'm always interested to hear about vehicles that never break down !!!

2013 Wrangler Unlimited
by: Anonymous

I hate to do this, but I have to let my frustrations out.

I have owned a '79 CJ-5, an '89 YJ (of which neither were road worthy), and now I just bought a 2013 Wrangler Unlimited for $37,000 - WHICH I OR ANYONE ELSE WOULD EXPECT TO USE AS A DAILY DRIVER FOR THIS PRICE!

It's a total love/hate relationship. There are some things about new Jeeps that really piss me off.

I ended up with a 3.21 gear ratio (manual tranny), which is pathetic. I almost stall going up parking lot ramps, or I have to ride the clutch.

There is way to much slack in the driveline - likely the tranny. Every time I shift or even push the clutch in I have to feel and hear the driveline "clank". This cannot be good for the gears. Makes the ride really jerky too.

My engine makes a horrible rattling noise when there is load on it (engine knock?) - can't gear down or RPM would be unacceptable. It's getting worse.

My tranny makes a crazy noise, sort of a rumble sometimes or like a can or marbles other times. Its getting worse.

My AC compressor runs, whenever I turn on the fan (Auto or manual mode), even with heat on, wasting fuel and wearing the compressor out. I verified with Chrysler this is not supposed to happen.

Are Jeeps the only 4x4 vehicle on the road that you can only use the 4x4 if you are actually on the Rubicon trail??? Otherwise you cannot turn at all with 4x4 engaged (the front end will destroy itself - my dad's 1982 GMC had this problem and low and behold, 30 years and double the price later - same problem). The tires have to slip in order to use the 4x4...which equals more traction somehow??? WHERE THE f%^& IS THE CENTER DIFFERENTIAL???

Every time it snows, I have to listen to the top creak and make all kind of noises (stupid freedom top).

Averaging 14.5 L/100 km city. Seen it as high as 18 L/100 km. I reset it all the time.

In general, it feels like it's going to break and it is way overpriced.

Other than that, I love it!

Think I might trade it for an FJ.

Sorry for the bitching.

2013 Jeep Wrangler Correction
by: Anonymous

I just wanted to make a correction to my previous post.

It turns out, the AC compressor is designed to run anytime the vent knob is set to defrost (the person at Chrysler tech support likely missed this). It is supposed to dry out the air (likely cools the air, then re-heats it to temperature). Not really the greatest idea, since it's really annoying (sound and vibration) and unnecessary, but it was designed like that and most new vehicles have this feature.

Despite Chrysler's bad service rep (or bad engineering rep is more of the truth - service is directly related to engineering), I was very pleased and impressed with my dealers service.

I do hope my Jeep works out, cause I do love it, and I think it's way cooler than an FJ.

It's kind of funny, I used to own an '01 KIA Sportage, which was likely one of the worst vehicles ever made, but I was totally happy just to have it start in the morning, mainly cause it cost me nothing (bought it for $1500 and drove it 5 years).

I guess Fight Club was right: "the more you own the more it owns you".

jeeps suck.
by: Steve Wilson

Hmm. It's been sometime since I've been on the site. My hats off to you Rover, Toyota and Chevy guys. I can see that there still is not a bit of sense in any of you. I guess you fellas must of votes for Obama.

Here are some facts for ya! Land Rover and Range Rover are over priced to try to give the driver a status he lost in the sack with his wife.

Toyota's are great vehicles but they should have stayed building the SR5. And for the Chevy man that says he pulls more Jeeps out more than any other vehicle, you are full of it. Don't know where your from but it must be close to DC because you're an idiot. Go back to your GM forum and keep believing we need change.

Jeeps are the original off road vehicle. History has proven it time and time again.

by: Anonymous

Didn't Barbie drive a Jeep? Ya, they are great if you're a girl.

Jeeps suck
by: Steve Wilson

Yo #&@! with the Barbi comment. John Wayne drove one too. Oh I'm sorry your stuck in a world of plastic figurines you must be a Chevy or import wuss. Great thing about America if you don't like them you don't have to drive them.

Merry Christmas either way, I wish Santa sends you a new Jeep Wrangler.

Me again
by: Anonymous

I would never drive or let my friends drive an import or a GM product. My domestic rig will out Jeep your trusty Wrangler any time. Nice if Santa brings me a Jeep. I'll give it to my sister. And yes, Jeeps are for girls!!

@ Me again
by: YJ Bantum

I don't care what you think your domestic rig can do! My Wrangler will kick boulders in your face and bury you CRYING FOR YOUR MOMMY! GUARANTEED! So here's to all JEEPS, their DRIVERS, and those who ride with them!!!

Me again
by: Steve wilson

Domestic rig??????? What might that be?

As pertaining to my rusted Wrangler. I have an '88 Wrangler that my son and I did. No rust but I put a lot of time and money into it. I have the best of the best in my Jeep and I would certainly entertain the offer to take your domestic rig on. I own American vehicles, Jeep, Ford, Chevy and I use them for what they were intended to do.

I wouldn't take my F350 dump truck out wheeling nor would I take my F350 crew cab wheeling because they weren't made for it. The Jeep would be different.

Let me know what other site you belong to. I would love to come and bash your truck. Let me know when you want to play.

Merry Christmas either way.

Always making me laugh !!
by: Anonymous

The most entertaining thing about the Jeep crowd is that they are always bragging and boasting just like girls do. Like they have always got something to prove. Deep down inside that little insecurity keeps telling them they have to prove their place amongst the big boys.

Be careful what your endless mission to prove your little engine that could might get you into. I'm sure you have bought every off the shelf part for your Jeep. It's the easiest way for people that don't mind being just like everyone else. It's the way people with no ability to build a custom rig can look the part. Until someone that bought all the same parts parks beside you. Just remember why so many chicks dig your Jeep. (They would look good in it)

The last two guys on the trail that let their Jeep go do the talking are still fixing the broken axles and T/Case after the hill climb, mud pit and tug-o-war. Lucky for them I was able to flat tow both of them 2 miles out of the bush. It saved them the gas and a long walk. BTW the tug-o-war was 2 Wranglers vs my rig until the first rear axle shattered then it was 1 vs 1.

Maybe St. Nick will bring you a real rig.

@Anonymous and his BIG BOY rig
by: YJ Bantum

Sounds like you are driving your daddy's tractor. You would give the Christmas Jeep to your sister?

I'm posting this at 1:00am in the morning so I'm sure it's past your bedtime. Power and off-road is what we do here, so you came to the right place!

Why don't you tell us "girly Jeepers" what this all mighty powerful rig is you've been bragging about? If you ARE awake and want to tell all of us about it, then "Shhhhh" very quiet...You'll wake your parents...BIG BOY!!!

Jeeps are great
by: ron wyo

I have two Jeeps. One is a 2007 Wrangler and I have 130,000 miles on it, and 90% is off road. Repairs have been brakes,one axle and one alternator.

My 2009 Rubicon 4 door is great also. It has 42,000 and never had a problem. Last hunting season I pulled out two Ford Raptors and at least 3 or 4 3/4 ton Chevy trucks.

I also own a 1/2 ton 2013 Chevy with the 6.2L motor. I really like it but it will not even come close to follow my Jeeps. The 2009 does have a lift and geared with 4.88's.


@ YJ Bantum
by: Anonymous

A YJ, that's your ultimate trail rig? If it is anything on the trail you have already replaced the entire drive-line and probably the power plant. Probably upgraded it to say Dana 60's? Bigger shafts? Sounds like 1-ton stuff. Probably some type of injected small block V8? Not much Jeep left...hmmm? What is so almighty about these trail Jeeps if you have to upgrade everything except the body? Why not start with something less girly so you don't have to upgrade everything. Have fun in your YJ (Yuppy Jeep) and keep the laughs coming. Always a good read.

Wow Jeeps = Butthurt.
by: Anonymous

I enjoy reading all these Jeep people trying so desperately to defend their Jeep. The last guy has a great point. If they are so great why does almost every one get upgraded with Full size truck parts? All you Jeepers bash trucks constantly. Sounds like BUTTHURT to me.

@ Anonymous (The Girly Man)
by: YJ Bantum

A YJ...Very trail-worthy and still with some creature comforts for everyday driving. That's a YJ!!! Replaced the entire drive-line? (Oh you mean drive-train!), and Power Plant? (Oh you mean the engine!) Some type of injected small block V8? (All engines are fuel injected except specialty Carburetored versions), and (Big block Vortec is what you are looking for but more about that later). SOUNDS like One-Ton stuff? (Do you even know what One-Ton Stuff is?) REMEMBER, Jeeps are Built, Not Bought! Sounds like you don't read much at all and actually do nothing but go to random blogs and try to sound smart! Have you ever got your hands dirty? Enjoy your giggling (GIRLY MAN).

@ Mr. I think I know everything YJ
by: Anonymous

You reply shows your age. Not every V8 is injected. In fact, in the history of the V8, injection only became mainstream in the '80s. Since you were not born yet this explains your lack of knowledge. I am a custom Automotive fabricator building custom chassis and complete builds for over a decade. I'm sure I've forgotten more about custom builds than you will ever know. Yes 1-ton axles are the most used in your hobby along with driveshaft and transfer case parts.

REMEMBER, Jeeps are Built, Not Bought!
by: Anonymous

Really? More than half the Chrysler Jeeps are purchased from dealers never leave the pavement bought for the image of adventure. (i.e. Grand Wagoneers )and the majority of the remaining Chrysler Jeeps, not counting the many that are scrapped, are modified using off the shelf parts from the many aftermarket manufacturers.

Only a small number of the total production built for SALE ever see the group you call built and of them 80% of the owners either butcher the build (in my many years in business I have seen this often from people that think they are fabricators) or they PAY custom builders like our shop to do the work. This leaves a small number that the owner actually hand crafts his or her own parts using steel, that again is bought.

So if you didn't buy your ultimate YJ trail rig did Santa bring it? Next time you buy aftermarket parts think about your idiot comment "built not bought" and take your foot out of your mouth. Your mouth is writing cheques your actual YJ can't cash. Of the many custom Jeep builds I have done over the years very little Jeep remains in the finished rig, mostly the body and it's the only part left that sucks.

by: YJ Bantum

I or anyone else reading your comments wouldn't believe you're anything but a kid bragging about himself. Everything you've talked about is about someone else's Vehicle. You came here to this site to put people down, yet after bragging about your "Almighty" Truck you've failed to tell us what it is! There's plenty of my pictures on this site to back me up. Where are yours?

As for my age, let's just say when I was born there were only 48 States in the Union.

Love is blind
by: Anonymous

You or anyone else reading the comments can not see the forest for the trees. You only see what you want to see. I love that Jeeps exist. If they were "all that" every part would not have to be upgraded and I would not make any $$ from them. They literally keep me in business. The way they are SOLD they are weak and break parts left right and centre. I know I service them all day and I'll tell you full size rigs break far less and they are heavier. Stay in your Jeep fantasy world. I have made a fortune from your kind. Keep them coming. The day Chrysler makes a Jeep that doesn't need upgrades will be a sad day. When they come in on tow trucks, trailers or I tow them to my shop I only see the $$$.

@ Anonymous (The Girly Man)
by: YJ Bantum

To be successful in life is to show Pride and Passion for whatever your endeavors may be. So you say you've fabricated a decade of Jeeps but Hate Jeeps. Gee! You must be really good at what you do. I personally think you're a liar and nothing more than an Annoyance.

"Built, Not Bought", you just don't get it. Here is a very small example: Wrangler Custom Rocker Armor

If you have any more percentage statistics or statistical facts you want to impress us with ("Writing your own Verbal Cheques" as you put it) then quote your sources with Factual Documentation and Pictures. i.e. Put Up or SHUT UP!

All you've managed to enlighten us about is your hatred for Girls and Jeeps. You might want to seek Professional Help about all that.

Very basic example.
by: Anonymous

Is this your crowning achievement? Some very basic fabrication is what your link showed us. Nothing special about these rocker guards. If this is all it takes to impress you I'm not the least bit surprised your hooked on Jeeps. Nowhere did I ever say I hate girls. Your inside voice must have slipped out in your post. Think what you want. At the end of the day Jeeps will still be for girls.

The Perfect upgrade for your tired 4.0L I6
by: YJ Bantum

Once you decide your Jeep Motor has seen better days a great replacement is ATK's 4.7L Stroker Crate Engine. Five years ago ATK featured this Engine at The 2009 BAHA-1000 and TEAM-ATK took the checkered flag:

ATK 4.7L Stroker Engine Install>

1994 YJ Bantam Update>

To the Jeep Basher
by: Swilson

Hey there Mr. Fabricator, the title fits you very well. So you build chassis and do modifications? On what? What kind of big rig do you have? I have a big rig, not overly modified F350 4x4 crew cab posi- front and rear differentials and Mitchell gear splitter. Considered to be a high boy. It's an XLT V8 auto. I will pull your Jeep bashing rear end backwards, frontwards, sideways, any way you want. Don't think you can piss people off coming here bashing the Jeep brand. If you don't like them well we have something in common that maybe we don't like you. See it's not a hate thing it's just simply a respect thing. Apparently it's a money thing for you. You work on pieces of crap to make still another piece of crap, so this makes you not only a mutt but a thief for charging hardworking people a lot of money for doing crappy work on a crappy vehicle. That, my friend, is fraud..consumer fraud to be exact, so I guess this is why you don't tell what vehicle you have, what the name of your company is, or what your name is. Your a disgrace to our hobby. Go bash a Ford or something. Waiting for your response. God bless!

There you go again
by: Anonymous

Yup there you go again accusing me of something I never said. Not once did I say I hate Jeeps. Nor did I say I do crap work on crap. I simply give people what they ask for. I can advise customers of suggestions but at the end of the day "the customer is always right". I don't ever charge for something they did not authorize nor do I complete work that will compromise the rig. My point has been grossly exaggerated. Jeeps are not the ultimate 4x4 without extensive upgrades. From the Chrysler dealer they are very weak and the ONLY advantage they have over other 4x4 rigs is the short wheelbase. Everything else is a disadvantage. ie, power, strength, traction, durability, etc.

Your big Ford is a great rig with many advantages and some disadvantages. I used one to crawl/ trail ride for years. It's the Jeep crowd here that have thrown all the insults and accusations. After over a decade of successful business I don't need to prove to these spiteful posters anything. If Jeeper's didn't like my work why would they come back for every upgrade. I don't advertise because word of mouth is more business than I need. This is just a hobby for me now being successful enough to not worry about $$ anymore. You see when $$ is no object what are all the no budget builds using? Not Jeeps. Not by the time they are finished the only Jeep parts left are some body parts.

You don't see anything Jeep left in any competition rigs, Baja, Hill climb, Tractor pull, Mud racing, Short course, Sand drags. You seem like an educated person. You don't need to get involved with these Jeepers that only see what they want to see.

@ Swilson
by: Anonymous

Your big Ford would be a fun challenge being fairly close to one of my rigs less the gearing/ lockers and maybe a little short on cubic inches. I respect people that respect me. I wheel with many Jeeps but only the ones that don't think they are god's gift to off roading. Our rig earns its respect amongst the Jeep crowd once they see its capabilities. Most have some form of apology judging it before watching it. I personally think the 1st gen Broncos are what most 4x4s aspire to be having earned their place in history for their robustness and capabilities.

@anonymous (The Girly Man)
by: YJ Bantum

Here are Quotes from your comments ... Mr. Fabricator(lol)... (quote)"always bragging and boasting just like girls do" and "Jeeps will still be for girls"(unquote) ... and another ... (quote)"very little Jeep remains in the finished rig, mostly the body and it's the only part left that sucks." (unquote) If you don't Hate Girls and Jeeps then what do you call those comments Girly Man??? ...
Here is your best quote of all!!! (quote)"I am a custom Automotive fabricator building custom chassis and complete builds for over a decade" ... Liar!!! ... HUGE LIAR!!! ... After seeing this project you said ...(Quote): "Some very basic fabrication is what your link showed us. Nothing special about these rocker guards."(Unquote) ... Dennis Geddes, with his shop here in Las Vegas and over 40+ years of Creative and Artistic welding experience, with my design fabricated these Rocker Guards. When I showed Dennis your quote and he said "He's not a welder! A true welder would never call an Original 4-angled Weld as being basic!!!" ... I personally know welding 5 foot long straight pieces of 3/16 inch plate-steel takes talent to keep the Steel from warping!!! ... Girly Man, the only thing you have ever Fabricated is your Life!!! You are in desperate need of a life because "YOU ARE A LIAR!!!" ... Your mouth has dug a hole so DEEP that all the BS you come up with from here on won't fill it and you've just been handed your BUTTHURT on a plate!!! YA ... We all know that was you!!! ... so let's see where you stand:
1. No Name
2. No Shop Name
3. No Vehicle Name
4. No Pictures
5. No PROOF of Anything!
Your next comment will be filled with nothing factual ... just more Slander and Lies ... GUARANTEED!!!

by: Swilson

Ok, I will apologize when it's called for. So please accept it. In all my years of going out wheeling with a group of guys owning ever type, some even home made, I have never heard such negative input about one brand in my life. I don't believe any one on this forum has said Jeeps are God's gift to wheeling, we merely stated and still state Jeeps don't suck! I personally love Fords myself. I think one of the best vehicles I have ever owned is a '69 Bronco. I loved this truck and kick myself for selling it.
You cannot substitute a short wheel base vehicle for blazing trails and for the most part Jeep fits this requirement. The only reason Jeeps are not as good as they use to be is because of the he/she crowd, where they have to trend everything and basically ruin everything for the true Jeeps. I own a 1966 Nova SS. The car was a small block monster in its time. Since the newer cars produce more horse power and handle great there was only one thing to do. Go to the aftermarket, dump a stroker motor in it, put twin turbo's, a 6-speed, rack and pinion, 4 link, mini tub dropped 4", and pushing close to 1500 horse power Some might not like Nova SS, some might not like Chevrolet at all BUT what I can tell you is this, I love kicking the snot out of some Pantie wearing he/she driving their AMG's, or other ultimate driving machines. I even pissed a Lambo driver off. Point is it was a great car when it was new, but with the great engineering and creativity this plain ole looking car with slightly visible mods is something that will surprise you and I probably could make you pwet your pants on the launch. Keep up the good work on vehicles you don't like and again I apologize for my lack of respect of your opinion and your mechanical abilities. God bless. Oh, one other thing, we have a '55 Merc with 750 hp, 64 Ford Fairlane "thunderbolt clone" with 675 hp, a '64 Plymouth Sports Fury with a 383, 4-speed, all original 375 hp and a mountain of other toys, and we love them all equally.

@ Swilson
by: Anonymous

Your collection sounds great. I am a fan of all muscle cars regardless of make. I find that those enthusiast are much less bias. I don't have as many as you ATM sadly I got rid of many when I was younger regretting it now. I did keep one mainly because it is quite rare. The registry for the 70 Ford Torino Cobra claims less than 750 units built with the same specs. Owning the car since high school I just always kept it around. As far as peeing my pants. Almost everyone's first sub 8 sec ride is quite a shock. Mine was in a SC BBF rail. Even though not near its limit the 7.30 1/4 mile pass scared the crap out of me. I accept your apology even if it was a joke. Sometimes hard to tell in writing.

As For YJ Bantum. You still make me laugh. Putting a Garrenty on something you know NOTHING about (you displayed how I was very selective about the info I provided here) on purpose I might add. If you ever have a successful business you will understand completely. With your supposed extremely "complex rocker guards" (LOL) maybe you should run to more than one of your local shops. I'm sure to some people they would be a challenge. Only a novice welder/fabricator would try and weld a long stretch of thin steel without (a) Some sort of jig or clamps (b) Pre heating the assembly (c) Some good tacs along the length, and (d) A CNC welder. Our water cooled Miller syncowave does a great job with them. The Areowave also works well. Most of the time our Millermatic 251 is what is used @ 18V and 281 wire speed it gets nice penetration with Blueshield 8 Ar/Co2. We also add a 1/4" or 3/8" flat bar inside the rails on a 45* angle sloping down to the outside corner to corner. This adds incredible strength and keeps it nice and true during assembly. Once its taced together we remove them and tac them to our 2" thick surface plate we use to build chassis on. They will not wrap this way. Ours are a bolt on type so as to provide a means of replacing them if/when they become too badly damaged.

Your insults do not grant you any more info on our shop, our rigs or pics. If I recall a friend showed me this thread and I only started posting because of the bashing the Chevy guy was taking from all the Jeep crowd. But enuff is enuff. One day you will get it.

It was a pleasure to chat with Mr Swilson.

@Anonymous (The Girly Man) aka Mr Fabricator (lol)
by: YJ Bantum

You are a LIAR! You Own No business and YOU are NOT a welder. What are you trying to describe? You have thrown a Collage of Manufacturers Names together for what purpose? To try and sound Smart? (A CNC welder, Miller syncowave, Areowave, Millermatic 251, Blueshield 8 Ar/Co2). You went to a Welding supply website and copied a bunch of Name Brand Manufacturers and then threw them together for what reason? You are a JOKE! You couldn't even fake that you were knowledgeable with the entire internet at your disposal. The reason being you don't know what questions to ask it!

Welders don't talk Name Brands of products. Welders speak types of welds. Something you obviously know nothing about. You should be a stand-up comedian, because a business owner of a fabrication shop you are NOT! You are a mouthy piece of excrement that knows no bounds to his own BS! More Slander and Lies. I CALLED IT! Guaranteed!

The very first comment on this site you made was "Didn't Barbie drive a Jeep? Ya, they are great if you're a girl." Then you wrote to Swilson, "I respect people that respect me". Really? Did you suddenly have a change of inner conscience? Remember, respect is a 2-way street. And THAT was NOT your intention when you came to this site and made the (Barbie) comment.

This is your paragraph..."Your insults do not grant you any more info on our shop, our rigs or pics." OUR shop, OUR rigs? I thought you said it was YOUR Business! Another quote "If I recall a friend showed me this thread" You don't clearly remember how you got here? And your final quote "But enuff is enuff. One day you will get it."

Oh Ya, we all get it! YOU ARE A LIAR!

You still need a Therapist. Seek professional help as soon as possible for your compulsive lying! "enuff is enuff", LOL!!!

by: YJ Bantum

Swilson, you owed no apologies to that guy. You called it the way you saw it. He came to this site to bash Jeeps, because he sure didn't come here to make friends.

Wow some people can't take a joke.
by: Anonymous

The Barbie comment was a joke. That's how it started. Too bad someone took it far too seriously. I only popped that out there because you guys were ganging up on the Chevy guy. Yes I am the owner but do not work alone. I have a very skilled team. No I don't need to visit any welding web sites. Any info I need I can just ask the Miller rep he stops by often enuff. Think what you want. After all if you were right why wouldn't I just use the internet to conjure up some successful business and find pics of some ultimate rig? You have seen many of our builds at SEMA and probably the odd mag article. You might even know the name.

Here is my chance to squash you like a bug and tell you. If I was here to insult people do you think there would be anyone else here I wouldn't want to more than the one that stays up all night to slander me? I'm not here to do that. You guys attacked the Chevy guy with pure hatred and then got very defensive about a joke that is available as a decal on every web store. Grow up.

P.S. Bolt on louvers? really?

Big spender can't even pay to
have his existing hood stamped. ROFL !!

Anonymous (girly man) aka (Mr.fabricator) aka (The Liar)
by: YJ Bantum

SEMA you say? Well let's see the article from SEMA. Magazine article you say? Well let's see that too! What Magazine? What issue? Don't you get tired of Lying? Oh, you can't help it! That's called pathological!!!

Squash me like a bug? No one can be squashed more than being called a LIAR! (How does that feel to sink deeper and deeper into your own False Psychological Abyss?) I've called you a LIAR over a dozen times already and still you have no proof or defense for what you claim to be.
SEMA is in Las Vegas every year. I see it every year! You think I stay up late at night just to insult you? You already know I live in Vegas. There is no late night. It's 24/7/7 here!

First of all, nobody attacked the Chevy Guy, just like nobody attacked you. The Chevy Guy came to this site and said "All of you dumb a***s that pay too much money for something that I wouldn't waste two dollars on." (But, I'm sure he was only Joking, just like you!) So, you are on a mission to side with and defend The Chevy Guy. Wait a minute, what he said sounds like something you would say. No wonder you're defending him. Or maybe...YOU ARE THE CHEVY GUY!

You're attacking my Jeep again? My Hood should be Stamped? Do you mean like your fore-head that says STUPID?

So the Barbie comment was a Joke? REALLY? Well there, Girly Man / Mr Fabricator? / 10 year Business Owner? / SEMA Star? / Magazine Article Celebrity? / Chevy Guy Supporter! / Let's not forget above all a Profound Pathological LIAR! Is that it? NOOOO...Of course not. I'm sure you will think up some more BS in that tiny, itty-bitty Bug-Brain of yours! GUARANTEED!

I'm also certain every Jeep owner subscribing to this site will agree the only JOKE here is YOU!
We all can't wait to hear what you're Internet plagiarizing will come-up with next and let the Beat-down continue. I do have to admit, you are a very funny guy. ROFL!!!

This is a hoot !!
by: Anonymous

You're a genius! Just because you can't prove something your convinced it's a lie. Wow. What would the world be with out being blessed with the smartest person in the world. Nothing I have posted is in fact a lie. What would it have proved to show anything here? Anyone can show anything on the internet. Do you trust everything you see here? Seeing- writing what's the difference? Maybe all of your pics and stories are lies. Probably not, because why would anyone want to pretend to have that. It's simply that you only believe what you want to. You have provided some good laughs going on and on about how much you need to believe that I'm lying. The people that know me can't imagine someone could be that caught up in themselves that they think they know everything. You couldn't possibly know anything about anyone on here that they didn't offer the info for. Yes, I purposely left out vital info. It eats you up because the small clues I did leave went right over your head. Yes I couldn't contain myself when I seen your hood. I've seen some hacks before, but that...that was a classic.

This will eat you up as well. I know a lot about you. I have met you. I know what you look like Steve. Wait a minute maybe I don't even exist because you can't prove it because you have never seen me. Maybe I don't have shoes because I didn't tell you anything about my shoes or post a pic of them. Your wisdom is astounding! It should be against the law to be your level of stupid.

@Anonymous Girly Man / Mr Fabricator? / 10 year Business Owner? / SEMA Star? / Magazine Article Celebrity? / Chevy Guy Supporter! / Pathological LIAR!
by: YJ Bantum

In reference to your comment about small clues made me research everything you have said and I admit I did miss your CLUES! You said:
1) "Yes, I purposely left out vital info because the small clues I did leave went right over your head."
2) "I have a very skilled team." (other employees you work with)
3) "I know I service them all day" (like oil changes, smog tests and tune-ups)

Very obvious CLUES. I'm surprised I missed them!
It's with certainty I can say...Are you ready?...Wait for it!...Your place of business is an INSTA-TUNE!!! How was that you funny guy? / Girly Man? / Mr Fabricator? / 10 year Business Owner? / SEMA Star? / Magazine Article Celebrity? / Chevy Guy Supporter?...and, Let's not forget above all a Profound Pathological LIAR! LOLOLOLOL

Anonymous and YJ
by: Srwilson

Gentlemen, I truly find all this very entertaining but what is the point to continue?????

I fabricate and do body work. I restore cars for people and have been told that I am good. I don't advertise I get work by word of mouth, I get help when I get overloaded, I guess the point I'm trying to make is this...why can't we just respect everyone's talents, vehicles they drive even if it's a Barbie mobile?

I don't know if anyone of you both are veterans, but if you are, thanks, and don't know if you're a Christian, but if so, God bless. I would love to see both of your vehicles just because I love seeing what other people add or remove lift or lower, stroke or ram.

I guess everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I myself would rather have a friend than an enemy to pray for. Well, I'll look for some more mud because a great place to be. God bless you both.

Editor's Comment: Thank you, Swilson.

The mud slinging has been fun, but it is now time to draw the line. The personal attacks serve no further purpose, and it is time to move on.

We can all enjoy a good banter between those who love their particular brand of vehicle over another, and this thread hopefully provides that outlet, but moving forward, personal invectives and off topic comments will be selectively edited out or completely deleted.

Everyone's cooperation is sincerely appreciated.

I agree Jeeps suck
by: Anonymous

I have had 2 of them, a 2007 Jeep Compass, and a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and have had nothing but problems with both of them! I will never own another one! Chrysler has been difficult to deal with and is not dealing with the problems. I hate Jeeps!

Even the Jeep service departments (yes plural) have the same skips!
by: Beyond frustrated

So I bought my 2014 Wrangler with 67 kms. I wanted one brand new so I wouldn't carry issues from another owner.

That being said I have argued with the owners of Jeep dealerships that the lights are so dangerous that I won't let my kids drive it at night. I was not afraid to drive in any snow storm ever until I've owned this plastic vehicle.

A 45,000 dollar vehicle and problem after problem! So I've had my lights replaced twice already. At my expense of course. Then the carpet was cut too short and still pops out exposing the metal underneath. Now the carpet is popping out in the back seats. The heated seats stopped working after they replaced the carpet in the front.

The service department said , "we didn't work on your electrical, so it's NOT our problem". They had to manipulate the carpet up and in the middle console where the electrical panel is found. The screen for the radio doesn't fit and I can see the guts of the Jeep all the time. They said this was normal.

The heat has to be shut off at times because my radio is over-heating @@$@$!. The transmission started to slip on a highway drive and I wasn't doing anything crazy wild or different. When I shared this with the dealerships they said they have never heard of this and don't know what I'm talking about.

I brought my kids home from the hospital in my Wrangler YJ 24yrs ago. That one I took off-roading all the time and never did I have the issues of this piece of @$@$!

Can't wait to sell it! Good luck to the rest of you. I don't need to have a relationship with my Jeep cause it needs so much time and energy and is sucking me dry. Never again. I am unsold! Great concept, but not the follow through on common sense.

Jeeps SUV's suck
by: Chevy girl

As a girl who mostly drives the city and pulls a flats boat every other weekend, I will agreed that Jeep sucks.

Although the actual Jeep may be OK, the Grand Cherokee could not pull my boat out of water on a steep incline. I also drove a GMC S15 Jimmy with a 4.3 for almost 250,000 miles. I sold it because my mechanic husband came across a Jeep Grand for cheap, due to the fact that it needed air conditioning at 45,000 miles.

I drove it for about 30,000 miles and put more money into that vehicle than any I have ever owned. Jeeps may have evolved from something great, but once Chrysler got a hold of them, forget it.

At 70,000 miles I traded it in for a GMC with a 5.3 and actually get better gas mileage and better pull power. Had trouble getting some dealerships to take Jeep as a trade. One told me they have trouble with the air, tranny and rear end by 70,000 miles, which it true, because I have replaced all that already.

Former 2007 Rubicon owner
by: Former Rubicon owner

I bought the Rubicon because of the reviews, took it out to Moab on Hell's Revenge. dragged a trailer with a Harley in it from NJ to SD (Sturgis).

I was being passed by every motor-home on the road, had to add two days to the trip because it was so slow. Once I lifted it and put 37s, 5.12 gears, then the drive shafts went. Then I had to replace the whole front end with strong after market parts.

Did I mention I got stuck in the snow in the middle of the road in front of my house, and then it blew the steering pump (stock everything)? If you get stuck what ever you do don't try to saw the wheel, you'll blow the power steering unit.

Also they get stuck if you even mention mud. At 110,000 miles it seems the bearing spun (synthetic oil changed 90% of the time at 3,000, no longer than 4,000). Did I mention is seems that it's a pretty common occurrence for that motor to spin that specific bearing?

Also the cool sway-bar disconnect is not waterproof, and the electronics stop working (not sure what that "trail rated" badge is for). The total to fix the Jeep at 124K miles was $2000 for the front sway-bar, clutch (etc) $500, idler bearing in the transmission $1200, front (cure death wobble) $900, then other odds and ends.

Nope had to go! JEEPS REALLY DO SUCK!!

So I bought a used 2010 Tahoe. It can tow, gets up to 24 mpg (did I mention while I'm trailering a 23FT travel trailer?).

The Tahoe doesn't get stuck in either the snow or mud, and has rescued several stuck Jeeps (imagine that). So as a former Jeep owner I say good riddance Wrangler, and hello Tahoe. Oh, did I mention that I would need to call my son with the Silverado, or my daughter with the Ram to pull the Jeep out of the mud?

Jeep has a reputation that was built years ago. Jeeps are not what they were. Any truck produced now will run circles around the Wranglers. In fact any Jeep Grand Cherokee (V8) will beat a Wrangler. (Had one of them too).

Jeeps SUCK!

Just saying
by: Anonymous

It seems no matter what you buy now it's made cheaper with more luxury in mind, like Internet and WiFi. Chevy please come on these things won't keep my family safe. I will never buy brand new again...more money, more problems, and more expensive parts.

I love Jeeps, GMC, and Ford, but my thoughts are you have to be careful with whatever you buy because of where it's been, where it's been sitting, who owned it and how they treated it.

I have had my '83 GMC 2wd for 15 plus years and it runs like a top, and it has a real frame that looks better than most newer vehicles. You gotta be careful with any vehicle you buy, so check the reviews and its history. Peace.

On the Money
by: Anonymous

On the money!

With horrible gas mileage, I wonder what all the people on the 405 and 91 freeways in southern California are thinking about as they drive on flat paved roads 5 days a week, 40 something weeks out of the year, and ZERO actual off-roading in their lives.

Why do jeeps still sell?
by: Anonymous

Jeeps suck, and that is a fact well established over their time in existence. Jeep owners are quite often illiterate, however, so they continue to buy them despite the facts.

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